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May 2, 2013 10:02 PM

BIRTHDAY IDEA LA /Central California???

I'm looking for a novel idea for my husband's birthday...a great restaurant, hotel, drive, event, gathering anyone has had- anywhere on the central coast really. I know this is vague, but he's gonna be 60, and we've done a lot of different things over the years, and I just want some new ideas. (Plus I thought it was a fun idea for a thread). Thanks in advance!

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  1. After a Chowhounder's suggestion, I booked a cabin at the V6 Ranch in Parkfield for a surprise road trip birthday - hauntingly beautiful countryside good grub, delightful rustic cabin in the old post office building, and just a quirky place to hang out and scout for wild pigs. Who knows, maybe you will be there for the Big One and it will be a birthday to long remember:
    PS: Continental breakfast is served at the lodge while the cafe is open for lunch and dinner.

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      The website looks amazing! My husband did a movie a few years back where he learned to ride a little, so I'm going to investigate. My only reservation would be if some friends want to join his celebration and not be as enthusiastic about it.;) Thank you for the info.

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        It's also close to the Paso Robles wine country and dining if your friends wanted to do something else during the day. It is big, quiet and empty out there, but dazzling and haunting in its surprisingly lush country side scenery.

        It is a world apart. One can laze in the sun, read a book, , probably hike, catch a local rodeo if one is going on, and learn about the San Andreas Fault since you are sitting right on top of it, and/or move to the next meal.

    2. Not exactly central coast but The Olema near Inverness now has Manka's former folks in the kitchen of Sir and Star (it's covered on the SF board)

      Check out the Cachagua General Store – restaurant has Monday night dinners, two seatings 18840 Cachagua Rd Carmel Valley (@ 25 mi from Hwy 1) (831) 659-1857

      El Encanto in Santa Barbara has recently reopened.

      South of Carpinteria would be covered on the LA board.

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        These were all fascinating, PolarBear. We got married in Carmel Meadows, so the area is special to us. May be a little far for other folks, but I'm saving the recs. thank you so much!