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May 2, 2013 07:29 PM

Valencia, Oh, Valencia. Where are thy chows?

Hi everyone! I've read every single thread on Valencia on chow- there are only 18! None are Paella specific and many are singing the merits of the sadly closed Ca Sento. I'll be in Valencia three nights 2 full days by myself. Not afraid to make a reservation for one though or order a paella meant for 2!

What I have on my list now is:

-Lloc de Tapes
-Casa Roberto
-La Salita
and less reliably, the from the NY times travel section:

I would love to have a perfect paella, as obviously this is the place to do it, but not getting a lot of info here on the chow boards.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Response is a bit late but my wife and I just returned from Spain and spent 3 nights in Valencia. Most pleasant surprise was Lloc de Tapes (not a typo-do not spell t-a-p-a-s); a bit out of the way; long walk or short cab ride from the central area of the city. Small neighborhood restaurant, not very crowded at all on a Friday and Saturday night. Excelent waiter, Paco, who helped guide us through the menu. I have to say, I preferred the paella here to the paella at "mecca", LeVante, although only slightly. Relatively inexpensive and thoroughly awesome. Could not figure why it was not more crowded though. Nbody has heard of the place; not at our hotel. On our way there the first time we even asked a mail carrier (we were 1 block away without knowing it) and she had no idea where it was. Anyway, highly recommended! I predict soon to be discovered by the masses!

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      I went there! It's not a paella destination per se, so I didn't think to try it there. I was also going to two different paella places, so this was my non-paella night. The food was excellent! Service too. I also wondered why it wasn't busy, but I did hear about it here on chow, so at least the word is out somewhere to foodies. I'm glad we both got the message :)

      1. re: sarahbeths

        So which two did you go to and which would you recommend? Heading over in September.