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BBQ Cafe and Sports Bar in Highland Park, NJ

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We went to BBQ cafe and Sports Bar for my husband's birthday and he wanted something different. Boy did he get it! We were brought to a table for 2 with a 3rd seat even though the dining room was only 1/2 full and there was a secondary dining room that was empty. As we were walking towards our table, I saw a bigger table and asked if we could sit there. The hostess told us that the table was wobbly and I said that I don't mind because I don't want to sit at such a tiny table when there was a bigger table available! After sitting there for almost 10 mins and waiting for a waiter to show up, we eventually flagged somebody down to take our order. He told us that he was training and couldn't take our order but that he'll look for a waiter for us. Finally, our waiter took our orders and drinks. Can you believe this Asian place doesn't serve hot nor iced tea? Well, believe it! We ordered the Chicken soup to start. After 45 mins of waiting, I asked the waiter for it. He said that the kitchen was backed up. We were wondering how long does it take to ladle soup. Daughter ordered the Vegetarian Fried Rice. I asked the waiter if it was spicy and he said that it had a 'little kick'. Don't believe it. Thank goodness, we ordered the Chicken Soup on the side because we ended up dumping the rice in the soup to "cool it off". The chicken soup did not taste like chicken soup even though there was chicken in it. My daughter thought it tasted like miso soup and hubby thought it tasted like watered down soy sauce. I ordered the spicy rice cake with fish cake. It was ok. Husband ordered the spicy hot chicken meal with kimchi fries and coconut and corn relish. The kimchi fries were a joke because there wasn't any kimchi on them! Just powder. We asked the waiter if it was kimchi fries and he said yes and laughed. We found some specks of red powder on it. So, that must be the essence of kimchi. My husband was wondering out loud why the corn in the relish was raw. He loved the chicken and thought it was better than KFC. However, the rest of the experience already turned him into a sarcastic curmudgeon.

Service was friendly when you can find the one waiter because everybody else congregated at the hostess stand. The hostess must be hot! Eventually, I started flagging down the waiter whenever he walked by so I won't be ignored. Food's cheap but I won't be going back anytime soon. Too bad, Angelo Sosa is associated with this train wreck. I really hope he didn't create the menu. We left hungry and ended up at White Rose minutes later for a 2nd round.

This place took over the old Charlie Brown's. I accidentally put my review in another thread and realized I should've started a new one! Couldn't erase it!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have a friend who lives a few blocks from there, and we usually hit Gabrielle's in Piscataway for a sports bar setting.