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May 2, 2013 02:35 PM

Taste of Africa in Deer Park

Just stopped in Taste of Africa
subtitled (?) "The Ellas" in Deer Park today, as per a tip in Newsday,

Very friendly and accommodating people there--the owner actually brought over a plate with a bunch of samples of different dished (how embarrassing it would be to fill up on samples before ordering!


I ordered the Pounded Yam with Special Chicken Pepper Soup. Very, very good--big hunks of bone-in chicken in a rich, flavorful soup, with a side of pounded yam (which I thought fell under "fufu" but which the owner said wasn't the same). The latter is basically there for texture and to help fill you up: it's eaten dunked into the soup (on its own, it has no flavor, as the owner cheerfully stated).

One suggestion I made to her was to redo the menu with a section of definitions; not even Googling turned up results for a bunch of menu items (which may be due to creative spellings). Apparently, she's had similar requests already.

If today's experience is even close to representative, this is going onto the list of places to return to.

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  1. Having just read "Yes Chef" by Marcus Samuelsson, this is exciting news! So many interesting restaurants in Deer Park, I'll have to get over that way soon.

    1. Back again; third visit. I haven't the vaguest idea what I'm eating except to say there's chicken in it, but it's really really good.

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        i was there a while ago and had jollof rice and peanut chicken stew both delicious.

        1. re: Paul Trapani

          I had a chat with the owner while there; the one (minor) problem is that, looking at the menu, I have no idea what a lot of the things are! Even googling them doesn't help (they can be pretty creative with the spellings). My suggestion was to put a "Guide to..." card on the table, explaining what the items are. Quickly searching while there, I couldn't find tu-woon zafy, ayoyor, gari forter, or a bunch of other things.

      2. The original comment has been removed