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May 2, 2013 02:26 PM

John Mariani on the glories of Belmont (Bronx)

Not always a fan of this writer (I find the article a bit cringe-worthy) but always good to get more reporting on this NYC treasure-laden neighborhood.

Tell me, please, is there a branch of Djerdan burek on Crescent as he states? Not listed on the Djerdan website and not mentioned in recent burek threads here as far as I can see.....

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  1. Where to start. Bravo to boosting Belmont, but why so mucb wrong? There is no smell of fresh herbs at Teitel, only that of salt, pork, and cheese. It's a salumeria/latticini, with nary a fresh green thing in sight. There's no "Oj mari" floating out behind butchers' showcases, mostly patrolled by Latinos and Albanians, and those tenement windows now open to places lived in by Mexicans, other Latinos, and the occasional Balkan. And old Italian men don't.
    sit around social clubs (there's barely one left) reading Il Progresso: that paper folded in 1988. Albanian men now claim the sidewalks, drinking coffee, Heineken and brandy. Mt Carmel Wines has a large, but woefully maintained, stock of Italian wines and spirits. Maybe except for grappa, there are better choices elsewhere. I won't even touch the claim that Dion (as we love him still) invented doo wop. And Arthur Schwartz is right to correct the picture of Zero Otto Nove (not dark!) and the owner's origin (Salerno, not Sorrento). Other than that, a fabulous article.

    1. That branch closed. Its an article plagued by factual errors.