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May 2, 2013 02:02 PM

Food Festivals

I was wondering if there was any large food festivals in the Clearwater/Tampa area? I know places like Chicago and Denver have large food festivals throughout the year and I was wondering if there was any around here?

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  1. There's nothing on the scale of Chicago, but there are some food festivals around, mostly in the winter and spring, and mostly aimed at a single food -- sweet corn in Zellwood, tomatoes in Ruskin, etc., etc., etc.

    Keep an eye on the local papers (Tampa Tribune and Tampa Bay Times) -- they'll post the local goings-on

    1. I strongly recommend the display of fruits and nuts at the Fantasy Fest in Key West in October. A wide representation in a variety of intriguing displays.

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      1. Saw a story about the Williston Crab Festival the other day. WTF?

        We went to the St. Marks stone crab festival a couple years ago and it was fun. Eschewed the crabs but ate enough oysters to kill a normal man.