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What's your favorite chilled soup?

It's in the 90s here in LA and I've got chilled soup on the mind! Please share your favorite ideas!

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  1. I made some great traditional Andalucian gazpacho this week. It was fabulous. I really love ajo blanco but I have never made it. I also want to try making salmorejo.

    I like all my soups perfectly smooth. A garnish is ok but not a chunky soup.

    1. Carrot, apple and fennel is my fav cold soup
      Beets and cucumber a close second
      When we can order chilled melon or even chilled green pea soup in a restaurant we get all happy because that comes along so rarely in our dining area.

      1. For me, it's a tossup between a good gazpacho (preferably not pureed) and Hungarian Cherry Soup ("Cseresznyeleves")

        1. Its toasty in the IE, too!

          Gazpacho hits the spot for me. I like it with some of it blended so it's thick and then more of everything put in so it's chunky, too.

          1. Roasted corn & avocado. A little labor intensive, but worth the effort.

            1. I live in AZ, chilled soup central! So far this week, we've had:
              Roasted red bell pepper + tomato
              Cucumber + buttermilk + dill
              Carrot + OJ + ginger
              Poblano + artichoke
              It's only Thursday. Stay tuned.

              1. Onions, butter, frozen peas, curry powder. Cuise when cooked. Add mint and cuise some more.

                Does not hold up colorwise, so make it the day you're going to serve it.

                1. Love gazpacho but am also very fond of avocado with curry powder or garam masala.

                  1. For a twist on the classic tomato gaspacho, try white gazpacho. This recipe is amazing.


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                      AKA ajo blanco. Mine always turns out too garlicky (yes, that's possible) - I think we have stronger garlic here on the West Coast than whereever they're writing the recipes.

                      Another favorite is minted cucumber yogurt soup.

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                        This sounds lovely. What have you been using in place of "freshly pressed" white grape juice? Concentrate or the stuff out of the jug okay presumably?

                        1. I like all tomato-based soups cold. Some brothy soups can be good too, especially if there's lime juice and chilis involved.

                          1. Chilled cucumber soup with either yogurt or crème fraîche, lots of fresh dill, and poached shrimp.

                            I'd love to try that roasted corn & avocado soup some time, small h! Recipe?

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                              Here it is;


                              There's plenty of steps you can skip to make it less fussy, like using plain old chopped cilantro instead of making cilantro oil.

                            2. Here are three favourite recipes:

                              Zucchini & Lambs lettuce

                              Leek & Celery root

                              Cucumber & Avocado

                              All easy & all delicious.

                              1. Mul Naengmyeon

                                Cold buckwheat noodles in an icy tangy beef broth, topped with sliced radish, cucumber, thin sliced beef, and egg.


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                                  that is a lovely website! thanks.

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                                    Aeri has a lot of good solid recipes, and I love her Korean Lessons with each post.

                                2. Gazpacho is my choice ever since a trip to Spain some years ago when I had it at every opportunity. Chunky in a bowl or smooth enough to drink from a glass. Once, in the town of Ronda on a very hot afternoon, I left my group to seek it out and found an open-air streetside "stand" where it was prepared in a mortar and pestle before my eyes. Not as chilled as I would have preferred, but delicious.

                                  1. Pea Mint and Buttermilk - is the first to mind -
                                    saute shallots in butter or oil, add some thyme - add fresh or frozen peas - cook for a few minutes only -
                                    add broth, buttermilk, mint and lemon zest - puree really well - strain if you want to make it fancy - salt/pepper& lemon juice to taste - if you strain it - keep the pulp and make mushy pea fritters when it gets cooler (next december!)

                                    Also love white (though it actually a little greenish) gazpacho made with cucumber, green grapes and almonds - here's a good recipe, I bastardized it a bit, but not sure what I did to it -http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2010/07...

                                    1. I make a kick ass gazpacho w/grilled shrimp

                                      Going try and master the watermelon and mint soup this summer.

                                      1. gazpacho

                                        cucumber melon with yogurt.

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                                            Very satisfying when served heated.

                                          2. Many years ago, my mother got a cookbook called "Southern Cooking". It's a little paperback book, long gone at this point. But, I still have the recipe from it that she used to make all the time..."Mexican Gazpacho".

                                            Basically, it's Gazpacho with cumin, chili powder, cayenne, and sour cream (or Greek Yogurt) as the seasonings. I still make it every summer. I love it.

                                            1. I prefer white gazpacho over the red..unless of course the tomatoes are excellent in season.

                                              1. vichyssoise, pea mint, and cauliflower are all good chilled.

                                                1. Avocado, orange, and lime. The fish sauce makes it.


                                                  1. This peach - honeydew - ginger -blueberry soup is more dessert than starter. It needs to chill at least 24 hours or the gingeroot flavor overwhelms the rest.


                                                    1. Cantaloupe. Perfect for fancy brunch

                                                      1. I love shrimp with lobster sauce - hot and cold.

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                                                          As a chilled soup? Do you have a recipe?

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                                                            Well, not on purpose. I used to eat take out leftovers chilled or at room temperature but recently made this recipe http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8878... and had a warm bowl for lunch and cooler leftovers later so it's basically a chilled soup but not by design. It was just delicious hot and cold.

                                                        2. I love either white or red gazpacho, not chunky. I adore an icy chilled cantaloupe/mint soup, or English pea soup. Cucumber soup is marvelous w/ mint too. You can make an iced fresh tomato soup with any herb you wish and garnish with small croutons, and broccoli soup is delicious cold - I'm not talking about the thick chunk broccoli soup w/ cheese, but a soup made from mirepoix, stock, broccoli...and then pureed. Any fruit can be made into a beautiful soup, and when I've catered, I've made two fruit soups and served them in a divided bowl, which is a beautiful and unexpected presentation, and a melon soup and a strawberry soup would be lovely together. Zucchini soup is wonderful served cold, and so is a lightly creamed celery soup.
                                                          Have fun!!

                                                          1. Just made this delicious white gazpacho with grapes and cucumbers. It was delicious and refreshing: http://aspoonfulofsugarbaking.com/201...