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May 2, 2013 01:50 PM

Mother's Day Brunch in Bucks: Pineville Tavern or Wycombe Publick House?

My husband is asking me to choose between the two (we will be dining with family, I think it will be about 8 people) for Mother's Day. I sense that there isn't a big difference between the two, but I haven't been to the Pineville in a few years, and I've never been to the Publick House. Yelp reviews are about even, although recently people have been complaining about "changes" at the Pineville which make it less of a burger-n-beer joint (which wouldn't bother me at all).

Thoughts? Or any other recommendations in the Upper Bucks area? Thanks!

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  1. Hands down the Pineville. They have a nice brunch menu, and you can also sit outdoors. Wycombe Publick House is owned by the same folks who own the Jamison pour house. Menu is more limited than Pineville. Good wings, never had brunch here. One other place to consider is Plumsteadville Inn.

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      Thanks for your reply! I was sort of leaning towards Pineville anyway.

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        Please report back. One other place to consider is the Waterwheel in Doylestown. Of course, caution it is Mother's Day, reservations are a must and no guarantees that the quality is as good as other weeks at any place given the volume that is being done.