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May 2, 2013 01:24 PM

Edgar's Cantina (Safeco Field)

Tried it out at the Os-Mariners game Monday night and wanted to report back.

The cocktails, created by Rob Rob, were yummy and albeit expensive but well made and boozy. It was nice to have another option before moving on to the big beers.

We had the chicken torta, which had a decent-sized amount of avocado but not enough refried beans IMO. Too full for the nachos, but they seemed to be a huge hit. Also on the menu, pork, carne asada and carnitas tacos which I'm looking forward to trying.

Of course, nothing was as good as the piping hot Ivar's calm chowder we resorted to getting after freezing our butts off in our practically empty section. Don't mention this upcoming Monday's forecast to me...

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  1. Hey, mcmulleck:

    That's quite a testament. The food at Edgar's must be pretty good to get anyone to want to go see the Ms and pay the premium for stadium fare.

    You like the New England or the Manhattan chowder better?


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      It was a Travelzoo deal so we spent more on food than the tickets! I'm from Baltimore, so I take part in any chance to root on the Away team. Of course, the Ms were/are on a streak...

      In terms of chowder, I'm more of a New England fan. However, it's taken me 28 years to prefer Maryland Crab soup over Cream of Crab so I can be convinced re: a tomato-based broth.

      1. re: mcmullek

        I lived in Baltimore from 2007-12, and I converted to Maryland crab soup, too.