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May 2, 2013 01:06 PM

Tex-Mex Breakfast near Fairmont

Sister and I will be staying two nights and would love to have our favorite Tex-Mex breakfast ( migas, chilaquiles, chips, salsa, eggs,etc.) at a place
not too far. We have a car, but are not too familiar with the area so need
some names to check out. Also, we'd like to have one dinner at one of
Stephen Pyles' retaurants, but don't know the names of them to look up.
If any Dallas 'hounds can help with either meal, we'll dance at your next wedding. Thanks!

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  1. Well, I doubt if I'll have a fourth wedding but do try Meso Maya downtown for a good Tex-Mex breakfast. Trouble is, I don't think they open till 11:00AM.

    More Tex-Mex downtown:

    For Stephan Pyles' restaurants, there are three to choose from.
    Stephan Pyles
    Stampede 66

    1. After reviewing all the restaurants listed on Google Search, I find only one open for breakfast, Jorge's. Anyone know of any others to get a Tex-Mex breakfast, weekdays? Thanks.

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        Jorge's is a fairly large chain operation with restaurants all over Texas.

        Try the links I added on my above comments for La Victoria and The Taco Joint. They both specialize in breakfast. Both open very early and close at 1:30-2:00PM.

      2. Try La Victoria in east Dallas. It's very good and very popular. As a matter of fact, I think they specialize in breakfast as they are only open from 7:00am-2:00pm. You'll need your car but, it's not terribly far from downtown. Almost a straight shot. No website so check these links.

        Also try The Taco Joint on Peak Street. They're open 6:30-2:00 M-F and 8:00-2:00 on Saturday. It's not terribly far from La Victoria in east Dallas. Again, just a short ride from downtown.

        1. Lived in Dallas for many years, and my fave Mexican brekky is right down the street from The Fairmont: Hererra's on Maple St. When I lived there, though, they only served brekky on Sundays. Dunno about now.

          Pyles' best place is also near The Fairmont. Best bet is to get directions from the concierge.

          My fave place in Dallas is Javier's. Mexico City Mexican. Dinner only. If you go, tell Javier, or Pepe, the maitre, or Victor the bartender, or Louis the waiter, that their old customer, Dick Wilke, sent his best regards. (Wilke is two syllables.)

          PS: Dunno if you saw my final thanks for Greenfields: dickgrub Apr 24, 2013 12:11 AM

          Amazinc: Surprised to find Greenfield's Market is basically and entirely a Birkenstock/granola store with the single exception of the 10% of the meat case devoted to Aukushi beef. Inexperienced counter help: asked him to cut me a 2" porterhouse and he goggled his eyes like I had asked for a slice of the moon. Bought a pre-cut 1" rib eye: very good taste, probably best for me in 5 years, tho thin steaks cannot develop the real flavor. Will return to GM and be more insistent. Very grateful to you for recc. Aukushi and Greenfield's. PS: Scott at Wahoo Seafood pleased to learn of your commendation.