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May 2, 2013 12:12 PM

Cook-ahead meals - recipe ideas and inspiration needed!

My regular cooking routine has been thrown out the window. My husband started a night job so my valued time preparing dinner together is gone. Now, I'm cooking for alone (well, I should be cooking, but I haven't yet).

Ideally - what I'd like to figure out are meals to make that reheat easily (so I make them one night and he can take them with him for his dinner the next night). He has access to a microwave and a variety of containers/refrigerator, so as long as it can reheat in a microwave well, it shouldn't be an issue.

As I type, I'm realizing that most things I cook could likely fit into this category, but cooking alone has given me ZERO inspiration. So, I suppose that's what I'm looking for most.

Any thoughts how to get my motivation going? or meals that would fit the bill?

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  1. Meat loaf. It's even better the second day. Pick new potatoes of the right size to include with the meatloaf. Boil the potatoes, but undercook them, as they will coom more in the microwave.

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      I love meatloaf, but DH's mom ruined him to meatloaf forever. I keep hoping I'll convert him back, one day.

    2. I think anything oven-braised is delicious & easy (think BI chicken, white beans, greens). Or one-pot meals, (soups, stew, curry, chili).

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        Agree stews and curries are your friend here.
        Always taste better the day after they were made.

      2. I've found pasta dishes with either red sauce or pesto reheat well. Cream sauces, not so much.

        Also enchiladas are a favorite at our house... they're definitely better the second day.

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          What is it about red sauce that makes it so good the next day? Had leftover spaghetti which was really good the first night and great today. Spaghetti and lasagna....yum! And along the enchilada route--burritos filled with scrambled eggs (could add spinach, peppers, etc.) and cheese. I just take the eggs and tortillas separately then assemble and reheat at work.

        2. I've made this Coriander-Cumin chicken twice now and the man swears it's even better for lunch the next day:

          It was posted here on CH by Nyleve.

          1. I'm always advocating the techniques used in Once A Month Cooking.
            Here's a thread:

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            1. re: Kris in Beijing

              Thanks for linking that! I will scour the thread.