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Aug 5, 2002 05:00 PM

Where to eat in Wichita Falls, TX

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Where do you go for a good meal in this town? TIA

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  1. Oh boy! I used to live there and it is a Food Wasteland. A few good things though:

    (I apologize if any of these places either don't exist or are terrible now; I haven't eaten at them for a long time.)

    Sevi's Burritos - good hole-in-the-wall Mexican. Homemade salsas. Really good breakfast burritos. (The Burrito Shop is a similar place but is not even close to being as good as Sevi’s.)

    El Mejicano - large, family-owned, and darn tasty! Highly recommend the Chicken and Squash; Chile Rellenos (old-style, not new-style, but don't remember the difference)

    The Hamilton Kitchen (may have a new name now, but it is in the Hamilton Building). - Really extensive and eclectic menu; walls are not even visible behind all the whiteboard menus.

    The Hibiscus Cafe (near the AFB) - yummy Greek, really "out there" for Wichita Falls.

    Oxford Street - good Steakhouse, excellent Caesar Salad. Have heard that it has gone downhill lately, though.

    Uncle Lynn's Catfish - just outside of town. All-you-can-eat catfish, really good jalapeno hushpuppies. Very good desserts.

    New China - Plain atmosphere, good food. Recommend Vegetable Rice Noodles, Lo Mein, Pot Stickers.

    Golden Bowl (Chinese) - hole-in-the-wall. Food varies from really good to just OK, depending on the cook's mood, I guess.

    Bari's (Italian) - good food, casual, good prices. This is about the only Italian other than Olive Garden.

    Sunrise and Shine Omelet Grill - by the AFB, only open until 3. 50 different kinds of omelets!

    Samurai of Tokyo - Hibachi grill and Sushi. Pretty expensive. Lunch buffet is cheaper but very crowded.

    The WORST:

    Pioneer Restaurants - These are really popular with people who grew up eating it and don't know any better.

    Ditto for El Gordo's.

    Chelsea Street - the menu looks like really good bar food, but it all is terrible. The drinks are awful, with the exception of the Margaritas, which are really good. The live music ranges from pretty good to unbelievably lame.