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May 2, 2013 12:10 PM

Paris and Nice restaurants requiring well in advance reservations

Hi there,
I have a trip to France coming up in August. It's my first time overseas from Canada, it's only a week long vacation, and we're visiting Paris for four days and Nice for three days. I haven't done a ton of research (although I perused the recent world's best 50 for Paris restos), and I had to resist posting for a recommended itinerary since there are probably 100 recent posts requesting the same thing. I'll be back eventually to pitch an itinerary for feedback, possibly. What I'd like to know, though, is if there are any restaurants that are recommended and would require really early reservations (ie 2-3 months in advance). I remember TFL having a 6 month waiting list at one point when I visited San Francisco (not sure what it's like now). I basically just want to know if there are any restos for which I need to act soon.
I'm travelling with my girlfriend and another couple. There are no budgetary or dietary restrictions. I live in a bit of a food wasteland so I try to make the most of my meals when I travel (as I'm sure everyone does on CH).
Thank you for your time!

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  1. I see no one has responded so I'll go ahead. I don't know of any restaurants that accept reservations so far in advance. The issue you need to be most concerned about is if the restaurant is open--many close in August.

    1. An overwhelming majority of the restos in Paris and Nice do not know their exact closure dates for August.

      1. On, you can book well in advance. Some of the restaurants on there also have special pricing for a LaFourchette reservation.

        Yes, August is a tough time to be a tourist in France. The French take "loisirs" very seriously.

        1. Thank you for the replies. I hadn't considered that our dining options might be limited in August.
          And thank you, lemarais, I'll give a try.

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            We were in Nice last summer during the first week of August. i was surprised to learn that our favorite bakery in Nice (the one that supplies bread to Flaveur) closes for vacation starting the second week in August.