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May 2, 2013 11:04 AM

Chicago Style Pizza in Boston?

Does this exist?

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  1. I want to a be smart ass and say Uno!

    But I have to say I never have actively looked for it but a Chicago guy here at the office was lamenting the same thing a few weeks ago. He just relocated to the South Shore area from Chicago.

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      At least he can get Chicago hot dogs at Windy City.

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        Liza- stop in and see Grady at Windy City eats in Norwell or Weymouth. If there is good Chicago pizza in the Boston area he will know.

        Or got to their FB and post the question.

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          edit: I said what owades just said below, oops

        2. aka the "cheese and sauce" cassrole, you mean?

          1. Boston was the first location of the franchised Pizzeria Uno chain outside of the original Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due in Chicago, and I believe the headquarters of the chain is still here. They have as good a claim to "Chicago-style pizza" as anyone, and I think what they serve in their Boston-area shops is a pretty good match to the Chicago original--which itself was the originator of the canonical Chicago pizza. There are some other local variants in the Chicago area, like the "stuffed pizza" at Giordano's, but Uno's is what most people think of as Chicago pizza. (If I'm actually in Chicago, I'd probably pick Gino's East for my pizza spot.)

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              Granted, there is a high degree of inter-franchise variability even in Chicago, I can't say what I've had here (Symphony location) even remotely resembled the Chicago OG. What I had was clearly a pre-fab product, bone-dry crust, rightside up layering, and not much for layers at that. Reminiscent of a high school cafeteria personal pizza, and probably serves that purpose for the neighbourhood.

            2. So funny... I never really thought of Uno's) even though I've been many times.) I guess that will have to do!

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              1. re: liza8402

                don't go to the one in Kenmore, I think I heard the one in Harvard Sq was ok

              2. I see a number of "deep dish" pizzas but none except Uno's are real Chicago style with the crust baked in in an individual pan with the ingredients layered, etc.