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May 2, 2013 10:49 AM

Good Cheap Eats with Beer on Tap near The Fonda Theater

Wondering if anybody has any great ideas for a place to grab a beer and a bite before a show at the Fonda on Sat? I love the Blue Palms but they are having a Dogfishhead takeover. That might not appeal or be affordable to my whole party. I was thinking Jitlada but the wait might become a problem.

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  1. calle tacos isn't too far away is it?

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      That's def close enough and prices are good. I live in Eagle Rock though so any taco place that doesn't have Lengua or Cabeza is kinda boring too me but it might work for my friends.

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        I thought so too but calle tacos was pleasantly surprising, given the hollywood digs. their al pastor was quite respectable.

        however, they sell their fish tacos as "award winning" or someshit but they were pretty whatever.

    2. I tried out Mission Cantina after a show at the Fonda, 5 tacos for $12 was certainly cheap and very tolerable, including my san diego friends who know a few things about tacos. It was a very good chill hang out after a show place. I will not claim it as the best tacos around but does match the qualities requested - and an actual walk from the Fonda, no repark required.

      Before a different show, we ate at the Palms Thai. No line, not as good as Jitlada but better than a poke in the eye. We actually sat outside to avoid the Thai Elvis - I liked the Mission Cantina atmosphere better.

      Neither has beer as good as Blue Palms, both barely have beer at all, but they either have bottles or the usual Stella rack.

      I know I don't contribute much to the LA board but up on the NorCal board I write a lot. Just happened to see this one.

      1. I was thinking Blue Palms because it's right under the theater and then I realized that I did not read the rest of your post.

        You can check out Stout on Sunset perhaps.

        1. Thanks for the advice guys. I actually ended up getting a 30% off for The Morrison in Atwater. Since we live in ER it was on the way so we went there. Good solid food, great drinks & lots of beer on tap. The shephards pie was the standout. I actually really miss the blood sausage farrotto we have had there in the past but they took it off them menu due to lack of sales.