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May 2, 2013 10:32 AM

3 dinners in Philly - University City

Hey everyone,

I will be in Philly for business end of this month for a few days. I am staying at the Sheraton near Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. Breakfast and lunch are covered, so would need 3 dinners.

First night I fly in from Boston late (arrive at PHL 9:45pm) So counting travel and check in time at the hotel, I would be looking at a late dinner nearby.

Second and third nights are more flexible as I will be free from 6:30pm onward both evenings. Preferably a place where I can dine solo at the bar with excellent cocktails and food. I would also like to stay relatively nearby my hotel.

A few places from my search I am looking at already:

- White Dog Cafe
- Penne
- Distrito
- Pod
- Han Dynasty

Finally, I would love a great coffee place nearby for a morning Latte or Espresso. I am sure there is a Starbucks nearby, but an independent cafe serving something a bit better would be perfect.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would seriously consider taking a cab or the subway to Center City or Old City for dinner. The caliber of restarants there is superior to what you will find in University City.

    1. Check out lovers and madmen for coffee. Otherwise I agree with bluehensfan, there is no reason to leave center city out of your search, the cab ride is short. You can even walk to the restaurants near Rittnhouse Square. In UC I would consider Distrito and Han Dynasty but the rest are not worth your time. Maybe check out the bar at White Dog for your late dinner, they serve the bar menu until 11.

      1. I like Distrito and Han Dynasty quite a bit (though I've never been to that HD). Not so big on Pod, don't know the others.

        I'm told of a espresso truck at Penn - don't know it's name, or if it's open now that Penn is done classes.

        You're not that far from center city, particularly the area around Rittenhouse Sq and west. It's a nice walk if you like walking, as you cross the river. There are quite a few threads on solo dining.