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May 2, 2013 10:15 AM

Auburn/Lewiston Linoleum to Axminister Finely Woven on the floor?

Chow 411 on the Auburn Lewiston area is thin. Were any updates to Fuel or other Auburn/Lewiston places (linoleum on the floor to axminister finely woven are all fine) become available it would be most appreciated.

Special interests are: ice cream, dinner, lunch packed to travel and early Sunday breakfast.

Preliminary research has presented: Fuel, Italian Bakery Products, The Bread Shack. Fishbone is probably not our speed. Fuel for it's sous vide gives us pause although it's at the top of the list. On the fence about Naral's, Niky's Greek?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Don't forget a few whoopie pies from Labadie's bakery!

    1. Check out Forage Market on Lisbon St.

      Mother India (also on Lisbon St) has very good homey Indian food.

      Fishbone is better than we'd thought it would be!

      Don't miss Hodgman's frozen custard down the road in New Gloucester. Also, for ice cream, Dairy Joy in Lewiston is not half bad.

      I'd love to hear any other tips.

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        Great 411. Looking forward to both Hodgeman's and Dairy Joy. Thanks.

        1. re: Steve Drucker

          Also the Library Cafe in Auburn makes a good breakfast and lunch--either to have sitting there or to take away.