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May 2, 2013 10:09 AM

Birthday dinner pre-Blackhawks game

Looking for suggestions on where to take my son for his 19th birthday dinner pre-game at United Centre. Has turned into a mom & son evening as his father is away on business! He is a meat lover but I am a vegetarian. Looking for high quality food, fun buzzy atmosphere. Open to ideas for Randolph street restaurants possibly but not Girl & Goat. So salty! I'm English and obsessed with Indian & Thai food so that could work.

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  1. How about Belly Q? It's modern Asian barbecue, right near the United Center (way down at that end of the Randolph Street restaurant row). And there are some vegetarian dishes on the menu.

    1. You might want to consider Macello on Lake (just North of teh Randolph street restaurants). Italian.

      1. As I have posted before, it seems like traffic around the UC has gotten worse this year. Err on the early side, plus the area is really festive for Hawk's games.

        Belly Q, and Marcello as posted are great. La Luce is an old school red sauce Italian place.

        Vera is also nearby.

        Coalfire on Grand is an easy walk down Odgen.

        I walked by Wishbone the other day and they are doing a 15% off with day of UC ticket deal.

        Two new places have opened: Talay a Thai/Sushi place and La Cuchera a Mexican place.

        And then there is the Palace. It's a diner, but it's been around, the players eat there and for soaking up the vibe of going to the Hawks, it can not be beat.