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May 2, 2013 09:25 AM

Montreal Grand Prix

My wife and I are coming up to Montreal for the Grand Prix weekend and staying at the Hyatt. It is my first visit and would love any "can't miss" suggestions-especially if they are within walking distance of the hotel or via metro. We will have a car but prefer to leave it parked for the weekend and just watch others drive.

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    Close to the hotel are a couple of good restaurants :

    - Brasserie T
    - F Bar.
    - Bouillon Bilk (+++)
    - Pullman (wine bar)

    Taking the bus (80, 129) you can go up Parc Avenue towards Rue Laurier; arouch which there are numérous good restaurants
    - Lemeac (+++), Lévesque (french brasserie)
    - Mikado , Jun-I (+++), Ryu (sushi)
    - La Chronique (+++$$$)
    - La Buvette Chez Simone (wine bar)

    Down the street on St-Laurent (walking distance) :
    - Lawrence
    - Comptoir Charcuterie et Vin
    - Projet 67,
    - Kem Coba (ice-cream)

    Have you got preferences in style of cuisine, ethnicity ? wine is important ? crowd and/or ambiance ?


    1. OT: don't EVER leave anything in your car!

      1. OT: you can always take the bike (bixi) so no need to drive around and find parking or take the metro especially when hot outside