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May 2, 2013 08:54 AM

Dinesty expands to downtown on Robson

Interesting trend of expansions (or is that invasions) of restaurants like Shanghai XLB, Peaceful (now New Peace) and now Dinesty into downtown:

It wasn't even that long ago when downtown had two "legit" Shanghai/Northern restos: Snow Garden and that other big place on Alberni, 2nd floor (can't remember name) where I believe was one of the first places in Vancouver that featured 'live' noodle hand-pulling.

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  1. Shanghai Bistro?

    Yeah - Dinesty downtown is Richmond good - not just Vancouver good.

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    1. re: fmed

      LOL, Shanghai Bistro, that's it. I knew Shanghai was in the name somewhere. We're dating ourselves ..... again ;-)

      1. re: LotusRapper

        Was Shanghai Bistro shanghainese? All the staff were Cantonese from my recollection (my dad used to work in the building next door so ate there constantly).

        1. re: brokentelephone

          More of a Shanghai-themed amusement restaurant with the live noodle-making. Well I've only been there twice in the '90s, but it wasn't what I would personally call a "Shanghai" resto, when there were Cantonese and Szechuanese dishes on the menu.

    2. LR - do you remember the fairly hi-end (up there with Mulvaney's and the Panorama Roof - etc - all in 1970's Vancouver) - and the big attraction was the noodle show - geez, I can't recall name. I want to say it had "house" in the name - but not sure. It was somewhere west of Main and I think downtown. But for those of us who dragged Dad along to our 12th bday at this big nite out - there were also steaks - what else. In Vancouver of the era.

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        I think I was too green at the time to recall the establishment you're talking about. My earliest memories of eating places were of Snow Garden, that big Canto dim sum place on Granville (downtown) .... something ".... land", Black Angus on lower Robson, Mr. Mike's and Hunky Bill's (Denman) and ...... Sambo's on Lougheed in Burnaby, LOL.