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May 2, 2013 08:46 AM

Brewster Fish House is BACK!

After taking a decided turn for the worse when they lost their head chef two years ago, I'm happy to say we had a fabulous lunch there last weekend. Always a past favorite, the simple, yet quality preparation and ingredients have returned. We shared a simple salad of baby greens, danish blue crumble, toasted hazelnuts and house made vinaigrette. It was served with fabulous warn Iggy's french crusty rolls and creamery butter. My DW had a simple Shrimp Scampi. Great garlicky flavors with a touch of buttery wine and lemon on perfectly al dente pasta. Described on the menu as including "Plum tomatoes, leeks, garlic, capers, fresh herbs (a bargain at $15), and I loved my cioppino which had a generous amount of plump mussels,shrimp, Wellfleet littlenecks, tender local sea scallops, and a small piece of cod all in a tasty tomato and fennel broth. Incredible. One of my favorite lunch dishes anywhere on Cape and another relative bargain for only $17. (Another rant...I'm so sick and tired of the Hyannis and surrounding scene where restaurants act like they are doing you a favor with $20 fried shrimp dinners, $14 hamburgers, and $15 miniscule pizzas).

This is the type of fine dining lunch that I crave now and again and I'm so glad it's available in this spot again. The Cape has so few of these high value, great experience options. The small renovation, a bump out really, suits the room very well, and didn't negatively affect the coziness of the small, yet elegant space. Highly recommend.

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  1. CCG, good to hear! The Fish House was a favorite for years, mostly at dinner (early, so as to avoid the wait), and we were so disappointed in our two tries shortly after the changes. We encountered some of the kitchen staff in the Cook Shop shortly afterward, they were apologetic and urged us to be patient while they worked out a few bugs, they recognized the problems. Glad to hear they are back to the old form, very few places on Cape have an equal touch in properly treating great sea ingredients and doing them justice in a non-trendy fashion that avoids being overly cute. We've moved our base of operations considerably down Cape, but will have to go back and give them a try. Thanks for the update!

    1. We tried the BFH for a Mother's Day lunch. Portions were modest, but very well done. Mom's salmon over greens was perfect. Fried scallops were local and dredged in panko before being pan seared just the way I like them. DH's flounder was obviously not flounder - flounder filets are not 2-3" thick - but it was tasty all the same. That last one was concerning - if you sub a fish, you should let the diner know, don't you think? Has anyone ever seen a flounder filet that thick?

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        It's funny, we returned ourselves on Saturday, and our impression was exactly the opposite of yours regarding portion size, especially for a lunch portion. I can't resist the cioppino, and this time I had twice the number of the plumpest and sweetest mussels I've ever eaten. My DW had a simple fried shrimp, but it came with 5 jumbo shrimp, fries, and a nice house made coleslaw. A very generous portion at just $16.

        But yes, subbing a fish is a huge No-No! It's not only unethical but illegal to say a fish is one thing on a menu, yet serve something else. One can only hope it was just a kitchen mistake. Flounder/sole is certainly not 2-3 inches thick. A fat filet may approach 1 inch I guess. But I can't figure out what the sub could have been as even cod or haddock or any other local white fish isn't that thick either. Grouper maybe? Unlikely.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          As to portion size, I was really focusing on the serving of the good stuff - the fish. Mom's salmon was maybe 3 oz on a lot of spinach. I got 4-5 scallops and a lot of fries - certainly more fries than I could eat. DH and older pup's fish was a bit more generous at 4-5 oz. Everything tasted delicious and we all enjoyed our meals. For lunch portions, I would still call them modest. Certainly not skimpy, but modest. No fillets hanging off the plates and mounds of fries was really what I was trying to get across.

          Sounds like I need to try the cioppino the next time!