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May 2, 2013 07:33 AM

Chin's "Chinese" menu...

I sampled it at a banquet at the Miramar Rd location. Any thoughts on how they rate versus other Chinese restaurants that carry a "Chinese" menu for their native Chinese customers?

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  1. No better, nor worse.

    The level of talent behind the stove is just sort of average here in SD.

    Spicy City, for example, will make you just about anything upon request. But who cares, when it's just not very good. Or take Dumpling Inn, where if you ask the owners, they will eventually cop to you that sometimes they don't roll their own skins.

    And sometimes with places like China Max, the "secret" Chinese only menu doesn't mean "better" dishes, just different ones. To paraphrase and borrow a phrase from JRW, never mistake activity for achievement.