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May 2, 2013 07:32 AM

Denver area breweries and distilleries

I will be out in the Denver area in June for a week and was hoping I could get some insight as to what breweries and distilleries I should check out. Which ones offer tours? Which tours are worth it and which aren't? Does anyone know if Leopold Brothers offers a tour? Their website doesn't say. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Came across this list on Thillist:

    The only one I'm familiar with is Great Divide. Any of these others standout?

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      Dang, I stopped going out about a year ago - and nearly all the places on that Thrill list are new to me. Also - there's Falling Rock - it's a block away from Coors Field. I would suggest starting a day / evening there and ask any barkeep about their thoughts. And there is a great Belgian place on Colfax - near the Fillmore Auditorium (less than 10 min cab ride from Coors Field). They don't make the beer there, but they have great Belgian beers there and all the proper glasses to serve them in.

    2. Here are some of my recommendations for the Denver area (i.e. excluding Boulder, Ft. Collins, Longmont, etc.):
      - Hogshead
      - River North
      - Renegade
      - Strange Brewing
      Not sure if any of them offer tours but they all do great beer!!

      I don't think Leopold Bros. doest tours unless it's a special engagement or set-up (e.g. we visited through a special tour through the Marczyk's grocery store). However, you could go to Stranahan's

      1. The Coors tour in Golden is interesting because it is so massive. It is the largest brewery in the world.

        1. Bull and Bush ( in Cherry Creek is worth a visit.

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            Indeed, and they sell growlers also. It's actually in Glendale.

          2. Wow, lots of great breweries in Denver - virtually all of them have tap rooms where you can sample their products. Check out Beer Advocate for listings and info: