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May 2, 2013 06:54 AM

New (to me) soy sauce flavour

I always thought soy sauces were just that (I know, there are low sodium and mushroom flavours) but this Ponzu citrus seasoned one by Kikkoman that I bought at Metro has grabbed me by the lapels. What a burst of perfect flavour combos that has me sipping part-capfuls straight from the bottle!

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  1. Actually it's yuzu-flavored with a number of other flavorings added. It's called ponzu sauce. Nice stuff. Great on grilled chicken, fish, shrimp.

    1. Hm, will have to check that out, thanks.
      My favorite soy sauce is the one served at Solo Sushi-ya... which is bad because it makes me get takeout instead of eat-in... so that I can save the soy sauce. I've saved up a tiny jar of it in my fridge and treat it like liquid gold.