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May 2, 2013 06:54 AM

Toddler-kid friendly lunch on Sunday (Mt. Kisco/Katonah)

Hello - our grandkids (a 6 year old, and two sets of 2.5 yr old twins) are coming to meet up with us on Sunday for an open garden event. We'll be in Mt. Kisco, so are looking for kid-friendly spot for lunch (pizza, diner, etc.). Food doesn't have to be inspired, just fast and friendly, without a long car ride after we've explored the garden.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Not sure about the hours (check the websites) but there is:
    The Westchester Burger Co
    Bellizzi (kids can play)
    Lexington Square Café
    There is the Diner
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Nancy! In Mt. Kisco, I've taken my kids (ages 4 and 2) to Belizzi and Lefteris, where they're always warmly welcomed. Belizzi has a huge game room to help keep the kids entertained between bites.

      Being my boys LOVE trains, Via Vanti and Mario's Pizza (both at the Mt Kisco train station), are favorites, and the people there are super nice. The food is terrific as well. Definitely something for everyone. Plus Via Vanti has great gelato. :O)

      1. Giant thanks, Sr. Swanky and Paris...the train thing is a very good idea - one of the boys is particularly fascinated by trains. Have a happy day!

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          There was also Applebbees and Friendlys.
          The only thing about the restaurants at the train station is that its one Metro North train per hour on Sundays...Just a small FYI. So it might be a little long for the kids?
          I also forgot about Lefteries... They are all good options!!
          Curious to know where you end up!

        2. I see plenty of kids those ages enjoying the Ethiopian restaurant--they get to eat with their hand! And if you avoid the spiciest dishes the food should be very tasty for young kids. The restuarant is quite casual, so there's no issue there.

          At those ages my son was all about sushi, so I would've gone to Neo or one of the other sushi places in town. Also, Temptation Tea House is very mellow and the noodle dishes should be a hit with those ages.

          Some of the dishes at the Little Kabob Station and the Crepe place next door would work too, and the places themselves are good for young kids.

          1. Thanks to all for your suggestions... we had a splendid outing (AKA no major meltdowns or tantrums) at the Open Garden event (the Steinhardt's beautiful garden and amazing animal collection, larger than ever it seemed), and a perfect pizza break at Bellizzi. Fast and decent food, unflappable staff. Perfect. Everyone packed back into their cars and back home, Papa/Nanny have returned home to clean up squashed blueberries and yogurt smears. :0) Life is good. Thanks for a memorable day!

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            1. re: Nancy C

              You had a beautiful Sunday for it! So glad to hear all went well.