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May 2, 2013 06:38 AM

east end patio watch.

Just wondering what patios have opened in the east end. TKO's usually opens a little later, Sarah's is probably open but the food is so terrible that I don't go unless I plan on drinking a lot. Would love to get a reference list together!

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  1. I noticed Murphy's Law has added a new patio behind the building (in addition to the rooftop and the one out front). They open up the patio whenever the weather is nice.

    1. Outrigger (formerly Honey's Beestro) at the far end of Queen East has the patio open. I think it gets most sun at lunchtime/early afternoon. Food is so-so: everything I have tried has been very sweet.

      1. Thanks guys keep em coming!

        1. McGugan's got licensed for a patio this past winter. I've actually been up there- it's ENORMOUS and licensed until 2:00 am!!


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          1. How far east do you wanna go? Coxwell? Main St? Port Union Rd?

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              I was thinking all over, ttc accessible for those that want more than one! :) broadview to Vic park, o'connor to queen to get it started? A lot of my friends (along with myself) have been moving east the last few years so it would be nice to have a list of all over. Also thought it could be a useful reference to other hounds.