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May 2, 2013 06:27 AM

Vegan-Friendly in Greenville, SC?

Hey, SE Hounders!

I will be visiting ye olde hometown of Greenville next week for my mom's 60th birthday and she wanted me to find a restaurant that will be vegan-friendly for me, her vegan daughter, so the family and I can go out for a special meal.

Last time we went to Soby's, and they were very nice about acommodating me, but I was sorry to say their vegan entree was disappointing and overpriced, IMHO.

Aside from poking around the usual vegan websites for options, I'd rather hear if anyone out there has their own personal suggestions. Thanks so much!

Caveats: though my mom is of Hispanic descent, she and the rest of the family do not dig on Asian food like I do.

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  1. I'm the vegan on this board in NC, but I do want to help. Have you tried Happy Cow, this is my go-to site

    I just checked there and Lifeit Cafe sounds pretty cool. It's where I'd go.

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    1. re: Rory

      Yup, Happy Cow is the first resource I go to, believe me!

      I think the new Lifeit Cafe will be a solo trip as it doesn't offer omni options for the rest of the family and who wants to hear complaining about food during a special outing? :)

      (It looks delicious, that place.)

    2. You should make the short, 45-minute (beautiful) drive to Asheville and go to Plant! Absolutely phenomenal vegan cuisine perfect for a special occasion. Even my carnivore husband sings its praises!

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      1. re: miss piggy

        Thank you very much for the suggestion, but as my dad is sick and disabled, we kinda need to keep it close to home.

        One day I'll get around to sampling the amazing vegan cuisine I hear is on offer all around Asheville.