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May 2, 2013 05:26 AM

Must-visits for foodies in Istria

My husband's family and I will be in Istria for two weeks in August (I know, not the best time, but the only time available for all of us). We have rented a villa near central Istria in Tinjan where we will be 6 adults, 1 baby and 1 dog. My number one priority for our holidays is the food, and I love to visit local markets, wineries, and artisan producers.
Although we also like to dine in upscale places, my general favourites are always the local slow-food kind of places, especially if located in scenic areas.
Based on my research so far, I hope to visit Konoba Toklarija, Agritourism Toni and Stari Podrum. Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I would also love to get suggestions for any olive oil producers, cheese manufacturers, markets or any other places that you can recommend. We have our own transportation.

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  1. See this thread on Istria. Also, plug it into the search engine.

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      Thanks, I've read that thread plus several others. I was just hoping for some new recommendations, though. But thanks for the tip.

    2. Go on, it's a very good website and will provide a huge number of options for you.
      Of those restaurants I have recommended here in the past, I particularly like Wine Vault (Rovinj) and Le Mandrac (Volosko), also Konobas Dolina (Livade), Vodnjanka (Vodnjan) and Astarea (Brtonigla
      )In Rovinj take a look at Kantinon it's just been opened by the people who run Wine Vault.
      Keep in mind that prices at some Konobas can be the same as the top end restaurants and book in advance where possible in high season.

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        Great, thanks. I will definitely look into your recommendations. I already have Istria Gourmet's app for my iphone, thanks (did I mention that I spend hours researching food places for our holidays?). Several of the places you mention I haven't heard of before, so that is excellent.
        I will make sure to book in advance, especially since there will be 6 of us (+ baby and dog)

      2. If you are near to Rijeka it is well worth going to the daily market there, biggest and best in the whole region and full of spices and other delicacies

        1. Hi,

          I'm in a group of six that leave for Croatia in a week. I've done extensive research on Istrian restaurants. Can you report to me how your experiences were? Assuming you are back from your trip.

          We are foodies, but not the kind that need high-end molecular gastronomy restaurants to satisfy us. We are looking for the traditional, local food places that are not fancy and super expensive. I've already identified Stari Podrum, Vodnjanka, Konoba Astarea, Konoba Nono, and Restaurant Vrh, as strong possibilities.

          Also, if you could comment on whether any of the places you went would be a problem if we only speak English and a little Italian, that would be much appreciated.

          PS We are staying in Brtoniglia, but we are also going to Opatija, Split, and Dubrovnik. Not sure if you went anywhere other than Istria, but any knowledge would be appreciated.


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            Hi, unfortunately our plans had to be changed so we didn't get a chane to visit Istria this time around. I hope someone else can provide you with the input you are looking for.

            1. re: anjo216

              This is too late but perhaps will be helpful for others. You must eat at Konoba Batelina, Banjole, near Pula, if you like fresh fish/seafood. Ask for the 16 courses and place yourself into the chef's hands. Not knowing what is coming next is part of the adventure (on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations). Be prepared to be amazed!