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Best Chicken Fried Steak in Austin?

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I've been looking for the best CFS in Austin... haven't found a really, really good one yet. I listened to the song and went to "Hills" and had theirs... it wasn't very good...maybe it was a bad day or the cheese-sauce gravy...but I didn't find it too exciting.

So.. lemme have it... What is the best CFS in Austin?

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  1. I really enjoy the CFS at Hyde Park Grill on Duval. Theirs is a real steak, breaded and topped with peppery gravy with a hint of buttermilk. The battered fries are great too.

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      Excellent choice, Becky. I'd also point out that Hoover's on Manor Road has an excellent CFS and equally excellent chicken fried pork chop. The sides and the gravy are all very good.

      BTW, Z-Tejas has a great chicken fried ribeye.

      1. re: Greg Spence

        Yup. Hoovers is right up there. You know a place that totally surprised me with a really decent chicken fried steak is Green Mesquite on Barton Springs (not as good as Hoovers, but close and cheaper).

        I've also liked the CFS at Stubb's, but darn, they've been inconsistant the past year or so. (and what's with the weekend lunch menu????)

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          Hoover's is awesome! I agree. Threadgill's has gone way downhill...way! The Chronicle, in what appears to me to be an effort to be "in the know", recommended RO's Outpost for CFS. Don't waste your time. It was nothing special and the 45 minute drive was kind of a waste. If you've got a spare 3 hours of travel time, check out the Country Inne (sp?) in Brenham (about 1/2 way between Austin and Houston). It's the best (yes BEST) CFS I've ever had. If you can eat a large portion, you're really packing it in!

    2. I like the chicken fry at the Bake House on Manchaca..... it's double dipped and tender enough to cut with a fork......

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        Only one sad thing about the Bake House on Manchaca is they closed for good last Sunday 7-15-2014. Austin is a poorer city for it.

      2. Here's another vote for Hoover's. Try the Pork Chop too. It almost makes me swear off the CFS. It.s that good.
        Hyde park is good too,
        I actually liked Hill's when I went last year. My girlfriend and I were pleasantly surprised by the "yellow" gravy. It's hard not to get a burger though.

        1. The best is actually in Liberty Hill, just north of town at the Dahlia Cafe. Hand battered, fried up perfectly. Choice of cream gravy or jalepeno cream gravy. The sides are all delicious too. Particularly the hand breaded with buttermilk frien okra. Heaven.

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            Used to be the Stallion on Lamar two chicken fried steaks an ocean of gravy and fries. Its been closed for years and I have been mad at the city of austin ever since.

          2. Hoover's is great, but it's hard to pass up on the ham steak with jezebel sauce. The best I've ever eaten was at the Gage Hotel in Marathon, but it cost about $20. Austin's not a great chicken fried steak town, but the one at Zee Tejas is remarkably good.

            1. Since there is some reminiscing going on...I miss the chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and buttered carrots from Good Eats Cafe. If they were still around I'm pretty sure I'd be about 10 lbs. heavier right now.

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                Good Eats Cafe, how i miss them. :-(

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                  We used to stop by GEC every Saturday after sailing for the CFS...oh, how I miss them. Thier fatal flaw was doing all that remodeling and then raising their prices about $3/plate. Made them just that side of "affordable". So sad.

                  My new favorite CFS is at Cover 3 on Anderson. Beautiful cut of meat (rib eye) and perfect peppery crust and they chile cream gravy is something I could bathe in.

                  1. re: amysuehere

                    Did Cover 3 add a chicken fried ribeye to their menu? The last time I was there I ordered "chicken fried beef tenderloin" and it was pretty excellent. Maybe we're talking about the same thing here. Either way... worth checking out.

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                      typical me...missed it by that much. Yes. You're right - beef tenderloin. my bad...again.

                  2. re: chispa_c

                    To REALLY reminisce--anyone remember Virginia's?

                    1. re: bhoward

                      I do in the most forlorn way. Does anybody in town even skillet fry a CFS anymore? If I could sit down to a table there and write out my order again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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                        I think Hyde Park Bar & Grill pan fries theirs, but I haven't had one in a while. Last time I did, it appeared to not be deep fried.

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                          And I loved those hand written signs all over the walls basically encouraging smoking.

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                          Walk down memory lane and hit Torchy's on S.1st st. They're plying their taco trade inside Virginia's old building.

                          Remember when a cfs thread would hit a hundred posts in about a week?

                          Here's another old discussion.: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6263...

                          Although it never really grew legs there is some good information on it.

                          Who's been to Murphy's in Winchester or Blanco Bowl? These are my two sources for central Texas.

                      2. The best CFS EVER is Johnny Rebs Dixie Cafe in Hearne, Texas...but you have to go to Hearne, Texas

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                            What a pity. Granted, it's been years (maybe five or more) since I was there, but the memory of it's fabulous-ness still haunts me.

                            1. re: amysuehere

                              The Broken Spoke has a good Chicken Fried Steak. There is a youtube video showing just how they make it.

                              Broken Spoke
                              3201 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704