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May 2, 2013 12:16 AM

Coming soon to Berkeley: Zensen Sushi Express (chain from Taiwan); Dot Island Grill (has branch in Davis)

Berkeleyside mentions 2 new places coming to Berkeley. Hope hounds can report when both are open & if they've been to other locations.

Zensen Sushi Express
2516 Durant Ave, Berkeley
Has 300 shops in Taiwan

Dot Island Grill
2431 Durant Ave, Berkeley
has branch in Davis

Link to Berkeleyside post:

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  1. I'm familiar with the Sushi express in Taiwan - here it's a nicely affordable conveyer belt sushi place, with a combination of sushi items and more appetizer like small dishes or deserts (edamame, okra, seaweed salad, milk pudding), with a fixed price per item. Specific items can be ordered off the menu (the more premium items tend not to show up on the belt).

    I have no idea what the prices will be in the US, though - I suspect the dollar/item Taiwan price won't carry over.

    1. Zensen Sushi Express opened last night!