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May 1, 2013 11:58 PM

Toronto hound looking for info re Bones (or alternate wine bar) for tomorrow night

Hi Paris hounds! Husband and I currently in Paris until Sat morning. Have reservations at Bones tomorrow (fri) night but wondering if its going to be worth it to go. I am currently pregnant and have a shellfish allergy. Will there be anything for me to eat?? I am staying away from raw meat and fish and unpasturized cheese. If you have any wine bar suggestions that would be a better fit, i would love suggestions. Many thanks!!

(We are in our early 30's and willing to pay for quality)

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  1. Just tell about your allergies before you sit down. If you don't they ask you anyway. It is the same rule everywhere.

    However, there is quite a lot of raw or lightly cooked stuff at Bones, their cheeses are a high point and naturally they're all unpasteurized. At most restaurants worth eating at you'll get no cheese if not unpasteurized. So perhaps you should opt for a more classic place.