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May 1, 2013 10:43 PM

Where can one eat the best pho soup in the Concordia ghetto?

I walked by yesterday and I spotted the one next to the famous Kazu, a couple near the Jean-Coutu and the one next to the cleaner, corner Maisonneuve.

Any suggestions among them or others that I didn't mention?


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  1. there aren't many options, but pho nguyen at the corner of st mathew and de maisonneuve, in my opinion, is by far the best one. I particularly like their grilled chicken soup since it has just that, delicious grilled chicken thigh. their broth is a little greasy but super meaty and bold. it's one of my favorite places for pho in the city.

    1. Mostly, if I have nothing good to say, I ain't sayin nuthin at all.

      I don't usually get pho in this area, but I recall some time back, passing through after ahhh, enjoying ourselves earlier in the evening, we stopped for grub to take home:
      Buns Burger, Konbai mapo tofu, and Pho Saigon (two doors east of Kazu) pho (it was a team effort with Mrs porker).
      I was very disappointed with the pho, lacking depth and chock full of shredded lettuce...
      Was it an off night for the restaurant? I dunno as I haven't been back. I was embarrassed by their product given such an auspicious name...
      Based on my one experience several years ago, I'd suggest elsewhere besides Pho Saigon.

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        pho saigon is terrible. i went once when they first opened and will never go back. thai pho is also really bad.

      2. Second the motion on Pho Nguyen. Best of the meager bunch. Saigon was flavorless with pitiful pieces of meat. Thai and pho even worse than that, with MSG-y broth, shreds of meat and meager accompaniment of sprouts and no coriander or like or chili pepper.