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Late night dining in SF -3am-?

I plan to go dancing in SF in the north Mission area (kind of near where the 101 ends) and will want to have late night food around 3-4am. Is anything yummy open at that time? I'm open to street tacos, diners, or any other suggestions! My hotel is near Union Square so it could be anywhere near the club, hotel, or between. Thanks! :)

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  1. The crowd that looks for food at 3-4am may often have had a drink or two too much and many of the places that cater to their cravings may not necessarily be considered "yummy" by any stretch of the imagination. However, there are plenty of threads about late-night dining options in general that you should be able to search for.

    1. Lori's is decent and 24 hours. I prefer it to sparky's or Mel's. Orphan Andy's is about the same quality. Alas, poor Bagdad Cafe, I knew you well.

      New Sun Hong Kong is open in Chinatown. If it's the same New Sun Hong Kong as was open late night in Berkeley for many years, I would always get BBQ Pork Noodle Soup with Extra Veg, sets you right after a dehydrating evening. Recommended.

      DNA pizza caters to the all night dance crowd. As fond as I am of the DNA, I've had a few slices here and it's overpriced.

      There are a number of places that close at around 3-ish, because the bars close at 2 and then people want to eat then they leave and the places close. I like It's Tops but it closes at 3.

      Some places like Grubsteak close at 4. El Faralito is listed as 3:30.

      If you're super hardup, there stuff like Denny's, Subway, Jack in the Box. Brrrrr.

      1. Two places that close at 4am:

        Naan 'N' Curry isn't great, but after a night of drinking, you might think it is. I've not tried this at night, but during the day they're BYOB. Consider it a potential "after hours" spot.

        Cocobang, a Korean restaurant, has been on my radar for a while, but I haven't been.

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          I tried Naan 'N' Curry last time I was there. You are absolutely right about it not being great. Even after a few drinks I didn't like it. It was fun they had bhangra blasting on the speakers though! :P

          Korean sounds great!

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            True to this thread, I went to Cocobang last night at 3am, coming from The Clock exhibition at SF MOMA. They close at 2am normally, and at 4am on Fri. and Sat. It's good to see a busy locally owned restaurant open at this hour.

            The sauced Korean Fried Chicken consisted of one wing (radius/ulna section), and big chunks of boneless chicken which meant the chunks aren't completely covered in skin. The sauce wasn't especially intense or overly sweet so some might like their style. It came with a huge portion of shredded cabbage and Russian dressing. Vegetables are often missing from late night eateries, so I was glad to have received this along with four banchan including a big bowl of pickled diced daikon, sprouts, daikon half-moons, and spicy fish cake.

            Pan fried rice cakes in spicy sauce were pretty good. Sliced fish cake, cabbage, and scallions were mixed in. The sauce was thin to the point it had trouble sticking to the rice cakes, but it was spicy and seems to have thickened in my fridge overnight.

            There are still club-goers and whatnot on the streets to the east of here, but I wouldn't recommend trekking west of here at 3am unless you take a cab or car or are part of a group of people.

            Another review: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/871509

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                Cocobang and Grubstake are probably the best food after 3.

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                  No love for New Sun Hong Kong? Is it the same owners as the east bay location (right by berkeley bart that moves to oakland chinatown)?

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                    Yuet Lee and New Sun Hong Kong both close at 3. The Berkeley restaurant of the same name is gone.

                    Sam's of Bourdain fame is open until 3:30.

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                      Yep, it's not 24 hours

                      Yelp strangely says it's 24 hours in one space, and 3am close in another, and NSHK's web site says 3am.

                      I was also thinking of Sun Hong Kong in Oakland, but that's closed.

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                      Not the same owners. The branch near BART moved to Durant Ave, the Oakland branch is now New Gold Medal.

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                        Moved to Durant and then was merged with Kip's.

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                            Huh, they're still doing Chinese food? That place is so confusing.

              2. Not sure if it's open past 2AM (yelp says the close at 2 but I am pretty sure I've been there much later) but...

                I love 'Crepes A Go Go' on 11th Street between Folsom/Harrison.
                This is a little truck set into a parking lot in the middle of a block that has lots of clubs.
                (While it's a truck, it's been there since way before the current age of food trucks)

                I maintain that their crepes are good even when you are sober.

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                  Once I went to Bar Agricole on a whim, which had some good, creative dishes, but all of it was expensive and tiny. Still hungry after spending about $80, I got bored of the menu and walked across the street to Crepes A Go Go to finish my meal. I have to say, it wasn't bad, even after all that fancy food. I was also sober.

                2. Jubab on Fillmore just opened. It's a few stores south of Geary and is open 7 days a week till 4am. I think this place used to be Won Mi Korean BBQ.

                  The menu is more extensive and expensive than 2-4am competitor Cocobang ($19 for KFC!).

                  Six banchan included broccoli, celery and apples in mayo, brown soy beans (? --- tasted like rye bread), mung bean sprouts, kimchi, and overcooked potatoes in a dashi-like broth. At 3am, I didn't want to try unfamiliar dishes, so I got the dol sot bibimbap and the tteokbokki:

                  Dol sot bibimbap ($14) was very bland. Not enough oil or heat on the pot to crisp the rice. The server didn't bring sauce, so I got some from the counter staff. The brown sauce (ssam jang or gochujang?) was too malty and barely had a hint of chili powder-- way too mild. Same problem with the bottle I stole from someone else's table.

                  Tteokbokki/ddukbokki ($12 cylinder shaped rice cakes in a spicy and sweet red sauce) was okay. Rice cakes had the right chewiness. Fish cakes were meh.

                  1. On the Excelsior food crawl, Larochelle mentioned to us J & V Catering, a place in Bayview that's open from 1am to 1pm, M-F. Yes, you read those times right.

                    Whereas places in the rest of this thread are serving people on their way home, J & V's clientele seem to be people beginning their day at the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market and adjacent businesses.

                    At 2AM, the $10 whole rotisserie chickens still needed another 30 minutes to cook, so I got some $6 eggy breakfast thing, including slices of a good quality avocado. The menu has contemporary breakfast items, some Mexican dishes, and sandwiches. It's cheap, they're quick, and you don't have to deal with club goers and other creatures of the night. It's close to the Cesar Chavez 101 exit.

                    J & V Cafe
                    2095 Jerrold Ave, San Francisco 94124
                    (415) 821-7786
                    Closed on weekends.

                    1. Has anyone explored the food for taxi drivers in the middle of the short term SFO parking structure?

                      Being horribly lost last week, I took a funny turn, and came into the parking structure through a bottom entrance that I've never seen before. Basically, go around "departing flights" until almost 320 degrees, and there's a "short term parking" entrance.

                      This comes in at the very basement, and there's a huge lot of taxis waiting for fares, and a little deeper, a food truck, a fixin's cart, and a couple of pick-nick tables.

                      I was driving past and trying not to be lost, so I couldn't tell if one could park somewhere and wander over to the truck. It wasn't a yuppie food truck, it's an actual food truck (a real roach coach) for people who are taxi drivers (and possibly airport workers).

                      Anyone know what's up with this, and when it's open?

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                        I work at SFO and have been to the truck several times. Not sure of the hours but I've had breakfast to late lunch there. It is by far the least expensive place to eat in the airport. Like you said, it is a real roach coach, but the food is good. Nothing extravagant or revelatory, but decent roach coach food that you are not afraid to eat. Rice plates, chicken skewers, breakfast burritos, burgers, malibu chicken....sometimes the rice plates veer in to the creative arena (lemongrass chicken instead of teriyaki).

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                          Can you describe how to get there, from the terminals, maybe, or if you've parked in short-term as a non-worker or non-taxi-driver ?

                      2. SF is not known for decent late night dining (this isn't LA). And "late night" begins at 10pm.

                        Pretty much the only place I would eat at at that time of night is Cafe Mason, which is a decent quality diner, open 24 hours.