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May 1, 2013 08:32 PM

any good kosher chinese in boston/brookline?

the title is the question. looking for some answers.
separately, any thoughts on cafe eilat in brookline?

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  1. Taam China - has good food - at one point they had locations in Brookline and Newton but it appears that the Newton is no longer - which is a shame because Newton had much easier parking

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      1. re: kosherman

        That is good to hear - The Newton location was my always go to spot when I had business in the Boston area - usually stopping two to three times

    1. Thoughts on Cafe Eilat: The food is barely acceptable and the ambience is one step up from squalor.

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      1. Two places I can recommend in Brookline are Rami's falafel, very good falafel. And Reubens, a classic, reliable kosher deli.

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        1. re: AdinaA

          and thus the answer is: there is NO good Kosher Chinese in Boston or Brookline.

          and Taam China is NOT good Kosher Chinese. BUT I state this with a caveat:

          Boston Chinese-American food is nothing like New York Chinese American food. (for example, most sauices that you expect to be white and light are dark brown and HEAVY on garlic). Therefore, the kosher Chinese-American food sold in the Boston market may be suitable for locals, but very unappealing to visitors.

          My sister and her family moved from New Haven to Newton more than 30 years ago, and wait until they visit their daughter in NY to eat Chinese food. This includes their son who does not care if he is eating non-meat Chinese at a kosher or non-kosher restaurant.

          I attended Law School in MA and have to be in Newton at least once per month and if I'm not dining at relatives, then it's Rubins or Rami's for me.

          1. re: bagelman01

            TC is fine. And I disagree with your NY vs Boston statement. And I've never heard of such a delineation, despite living in Boston for seven years and NYC for 12.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Take a look at this thread that ran in The DC metro board. Similar threads have run in other areas.


              1. re: bagelman01

                Wait a sec, bagel. One dish (or even a few) being prepared differently does not mean the whole genre is different.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  just an example, another is that metro NY chow mein is mostly celery and onions in a white starchy glop sauce served with thin fried noodles to sprinkle on top. Boston area, like most of USA-chow mein is a bed of lo mein noodles with cooked veg on top

                  but we agree to disagree, having friendly differing opinions

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    From what I am told, Kosher Chinese food in New York 50 years ago was heavy on brown sauce, and most things tasted the same. Perhaps that was a reflection of what non-Kosher Chinese places were serving, or perhaps the Kosher places were 10 years behind the unsupervised places.

                    1. re: Dovid

                      I am old enough to have dined at Bernstein's on Essex, the reputed originator of Kosher Chinese food in NY more than 40 years ago, and dishes that were white sauce in NY treif Chinese-American (almost exclusively Cantonese at that time) were also white sauce at Bernstein's. Their chow chicken chow mein was indistinguishable from that served all around town, except for the kosher ingredients. Brown sauce dishes such as egg foo yung were brown sauce.

                      Like many 'European-Traditional' Jews we had a kosher home, but ate certain foods out at non-kosher restaurants and I had had much exposure to NY metro Chinese-American food,

            2. re: bagelman01

              Haven't been there in over a decade, but if your nephew doesn't keep kosher and just wants veggie Chinese food - he might like Grasshopper. I have very fond memories of it from my vegan days.