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Fine dining off the strip?

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We'll be in Vegas for two nights before taking off on a road trip. We're used to New Orleans fine dining where a couple of people can drink a couple glasses of wine apiece and have excellent starter and main for closer to 100 than 200 total. I came on here to look for some suggestions and it seems like all the stuff on the strip is very expensive. 54 bucks for a piece of fish? Sorry, not my tax bracket!

We're staying at the Desert Rose Resort behind the Tropicana. We'll have a car. I'm looking for comfortable, unpretentious, but attentive and excellent dinner spots anywhere reasonably close to our hotel, not necessarily on the strip, where a grownup couple can have a fine dining experience for less than 150 bucks. Any suggestions much appreciated!

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  1. 2 places that spring to mind are Todd's Unique in Henderson and Marche Bacchus which is a bit of a schlep from your location. Both are civilized, unpretentious places. I haven't eaten at either place recently, although I've heard Marche Bacchus is on the upswing of late.

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      Thanks for those ideas; I will check them out. I got excited reading about Rosemary's but it looks like that's closed, at least for now. Thanks again.

    2. I second Todd's and if you are going on Wednesday they don't charge for corkage.

      Marche Bacchus is on the upswing - our last experience there was very good and they have the $10 corkage policy on all wines bought in their very large shop!

      I would also suggest that you consider Table 34. They often have wild game as well as their normal menu items.


      1. I don't think you'll have as much trouble as you're expecting sticking to your budget yet staying fairly close to your hotel. Burger Bar, Ri Ra, Border Grill,Il Fornaio, Nine Fine Irishmen and one of our favorites:


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          I'm not sure any of your recs would generally be considered "fine dining" as the OP requested.

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            Not only that, all the restaurants are on the Strip when the request was for off the Strip fine dining.

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              Umm.....no, if you're gonna get nitpicky what they actually said was "looking for comfortable, unpretentious, but attentive and excellent dinner spots anywhere reasonably close to our hotel, not necessarily on the strip."

              I figured with just 2 days to enjoy Vegas, they're going to end up, like most visitors, doing most of their dining near the sightseeing. So I let them know there are some decent choices for "comfortable and unpretentious" near their hotel.

              David and Eric's idea of what they're looking for obviously differs from mine, so what? I don't consider Henderson to be "reasonably close" to their hotel, but so what?

        2. We love Hugo's Cellar. Romantic and old school. You can stay in your budget easily. Great service. It is downtown so you get free entertainment on Freemont Street after dinner!

          1. The Barrymore (http://thebarrymorelv.com) may work well for you. Nice old-school vibe if you reserve one of their booths, the service standards are a cut above most Las Vegas establishments, and the "50 under $50" wine program brings some well-thought out options. The kitchen has a deft touch in matching some unique accents to the main proteins, which means some interesting and well-balanced dishes (on the most recent visit the Moscovy Duck Confit was a good example, with creamy faro, Tuscan kale, tartufo cheese and truffle jus).

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              I wholeheartedly second the Barrymore. It is definitely one of my favorite spots. Decor, ambiance, food and service are all there.