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May 1, 2013 06:04 PM

Dinner for group of 8-10

Looking for suggestions for a group of couples for dinner on a Saturday night. Tried Red Stag Supper Club and Smack Shack and neither can accomidate the size. Location is flexible as is cuisine. Last dinner with this group was Lake Elmo Inn for the seafood buffet. Prefer more "central" locations in Mpls or St. Paul as group as most are either in the cities or south and east suburbs.

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  1. Bar La Grassa has a room that would fit you. Brasa St. Paul has a 10-person table that can be reserved.

    1. Saffron? Delicious and I remember them having a number of larger tables the last time I was there.

      The reserved table at Brasa is also nice. I like that it is more of a round table (but not so huge that you cannot talk to people).

        1. I'm surprised Red Stag told you "no", as you can reserve a table for 10 through them on open table (at least for 2 Saturdays from now).

          ETA: Also showing up on Open Table that might be a good option is is Sapor.