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Victoria Park and York Mills area - Need Luncheon ideas for party of 4. ASAP!!

Dear fellow hounds!
Unfamiliar with food scene in this area! Need luncheon ideas for a party of 4 for tomorrow. Open to all cuisine but food has to be good. Guests from overseas. Willing to drive a bit but not too far.
Thanks in advance!!

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  1. You're not too far away from Zen Sushi.

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      +1 on the Zen recommendation but Danforth & Eglinton isn't that close.
      If you're feeling for Japanese, Katsura in the Prince hotel at Don Mills & York Mills isn't too far.

    2. That's a tricky one, bit of a good food wasteland

      Linda (thai) at Shops on Don Mills isn't too far

      Also really not that far to Yonge and York Mills (probably faster using the 401 than York Mills) for Auberge du Pommier

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        Charles, nothing will meet your standards in this area of town.

      2. you are right by kinnaree thai.

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          +1 for kinnaree...ate there last Friday for the first time and found it very enjoyable...charming owners....

        2. Cafe Michi is not too far from you.

          1. L's Chinese Eatery at Vic Park and Lawrence. High Street for fish and chips. Fabbrica and others in Shops of Don Mills. Lots of chains in that area too.

            1. Thank you helpful Hounds for all your suggestions!!
              Guess I'll head up to Michi, since Zen indeed is a bit far. Actually, Aoyama would be ideal. Unfortunately they only do dinner. Haven't been to Katsura for years, how's their food these days? Still expensive as before? For the money, might as well eat at Auberge instead?!

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                Why not try Linda Modern Thai? It's not too far, and Estufarian is a fan.

              2. L's Chinese Eatery isn't a Charles kinda place. Any lunch at Shops at Don Mills isn't worth it.

                If a 5 minute drive isn't too far, Charles, try Diana's Oyster Bar. They take reservations for lunch and dinner now.

                P.S. At Victoria Park it's Ellesmere, not York Mills.

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                  Wrong again

                  York Mills T intersects with Victoria Park, but most traffic forks onto Parkwoods Village Drive to connect to Ellesmere, about 400m south of York Mills.

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                    Wrong again? Anyway, while York Mills does intersect VP, what most people mean is VP & Ellesmere. There's pretty much nothing but residential and a gas station at VP&YM. Parkwoods Village Dr is only referred to by the locals of which I'm one. The vast majority of people don't even know that the street they're on changes names 3 times in quick succession.

                    In any case, I mentioned it only in case Charles is trying to come up with directions from where he is, not to enter into a discussion of the minutiae.

                2. Thank You all! Settled for #2 at Michi!