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May 1, 2013 04:41 PM

Zagat's choice for top Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco,

Drum roll please, El Castillito.
“Lots of flavor” gets packed into the “to-die-for” burritos and carnitas at this Mexican trio; yes, the digs are a bit “grungy”, but service is “fast”, the bill is “small” and they “aren’t shy with the portions” – plus you can always “get your order to go.”

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    1. re: DavidT

      They show the address as 136 Church St. although they mention a trio.and the picture they show is the one for the 2092 Mission St. store where the wall sign says Taqueria and the hanging sign Taqueria El Castillito.
      There are others named El Castillito. If this all seems confusing I would blame it on Zagat and try the Church St. store.
      136 Church St
      2092 Mission St
      370 Golden Gate Ave
      250 Golden Gate Ave

      1. re: wolfe

        Just to make matters perfectly clear, the establishment on Church Street is officially known as El Castillito Taqueria. The two on Golden Gate Avenue and the one on Mission are known as Taqueria El Castillito and owned by a different person.

        1. re: soupçon

          How does that clear things up for Zagat? As I noted the text refers to a trio, the address given is Church but the picture is of the place on Mission.

        2. re: wolfe

          The 370 GG location (closer to Larkin) was the scene of a significant fire at the end of February. I walked by the other day and it definitely did not look like it was open. SF Appeal quotes an employee from the Mission location as saying it was unsure whether it would open ever again:

          Adding more confusion, there are 2 locations of Taqueria Castillo: one at McAllister & Leavenworth and one in Union Square on Mason near Turk & Market. No idea if these are a spinoff or parent of Castillito.

          1. re: Spenbald

            Looking at the liquor licenses, Alfredo Bello owns 2092 Mission and Sadot Reyes owns 136 Church. (Around eight years ago they co-owned both.)

            Reyes owns the one at 250 Golden Gate, Bello and a partner the one at 370 Golden Gate.

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        1. Huzzah, one can "get your order to go"? That has forever been my lament regarding San Francisco taquerias -- usually they're "very formal" and insist that all patrons "must dine in the restaurant" which "sucks dude." God bless Zagat!

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          1. re: dunstable

            Glad to see you were as impressed as I was.

            1. re: dunstable

              >Huzzah, one can "get your order to go"?
              heh. Zagat also forgot to mention "No jacket required" :-)

            2. I actually like El Castillito - but more because it's convenient and solid, not because it's the best.

              I've found them inconsistent in that they seem to switch up recipes from time to time and go through better and worse periods - but within a period the food is consistent. A year ago they were putting far too much sauce in the Al Pastor but now are doing better.