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May 1, 2013 04:33 PM

Dining in Banff

We`re here in Banff for 4 of many trips to Banff so we know the town fairly well.. Usually stay at Banff Springs where our food experiences have been somewhat "spotty". This time BPL so close to downtown.Last pm we were in a hurry so had a quick bite at St James Gate Pub, reasonably good pub grub. I`m going to try The Stump`s had a long shelf life so likely deserves a try. From the street it always looks like it could use a good scrub but maybe the food`s OK.
The Bison Cafe comes highly recommended by friends & CH rec`s so we plan to have dinner there on Friday pm. What are your experiences at the Bison? The River Cafe sets the standard for my wife & I so hope that The Bison comes close or exceeds RC.

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  1. I love the Bison. It's way more casual and less expensive than River Cafe though. Not the same experience.

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      Thanks for your wife looked at the menu/pricing yesterday & the entree pricing seems on par with the RC. Not that it matters since we are just looking for a quality dinner.
      BTW, I did go to Magpie & Stump for "southwest". Very forgettable!! The enchilada`s were fairly expensive @ $17 which would have been OK if they had actually been good. Maybe I`m spoiled having had many meals in New Mexico & southern Colorado over the past several years. Oh well, no need to re-visit "The Stump".
      Looking forward to the Bison Cafe tonite.

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        Allow me to be particular: The place is just called "The Bison", not Bison Cafe. Please report back on your dinner!

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          Thank you for your correction.....I`m a "stickler" for that kind of stuff! I have to "blame" my wife as she always refers to Bison Cafe & I seem to have picked it up. Apologies!
          Review to follow tomorrow.

    2. So, decided to go to The Bison for dinner tonite. Vibe: very casual. The dinner: quality/ presentation we gave a "9"; service: a "9" as well.
      I had the New York striploin.....very, very good. My first bite was a "flavorburst" of beef tenderness...the carrots & potato side were just wonderful. I raise grass fed cattle so I may be qualified to comment on beef...this was the best beef i`ve ever had in a restaurant. My wife had the beef tenderloin which she thought was excellent. Accompanied by a great bottle of CA zin ,the experience was memorable & we`ll be back!

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        Ha! I had the same thing the same night. My experience was completely different. The steak was just fine, but the asparagus was untrimmed and completely underdone. Just woody. Also, the wine list was bizarre. Almost exclusively new world and wines from Arizona and Idaho shouldn't be anywhere near a fine dining menu at this point. Even the sommelier seemed perplexed that they were on it. The service was decent though.

        1. re: Leibowitz

          Really? Are we talking about the same place?
          My only "complaint" was that ambience was maybe a little too casual....very subjective, I know. However, as noted, the food really was excellent! The wine list was maybe limited.....we went with a familiar zinfandel that we had had several times previously. Not spectacular but reliably good.

      2. Hi. We ate at the bison a few days ago. Despite all the excellent reviews, it was disappointing. Everything was dry (even fried green tomatoes) and the steak was overdone ie medium when my husband ordered rare. My fish portion for $35 as less than 4 oz. when I complained they told me all the fish portions were that size but still gave me 50% off entree. Overall for $300 plus, it was pretty forgettable. The bison carpaccio was nicely presented with kimchi etc but just plain tasteless. No complaints on service other than a bit slow. The bread was doughy too. Tonight we ate at the maple leaf grill. Totally different experience food wise. Everything was delicious and properly cooked. Service excellent and was fast.