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Can you salt pork the same way you salt beef steak or a roast before cooking?

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When I cook roast beef and steaks I salt them with a lot of sea salt and then let them sit on the counter for a little over an hour.

Can you do this with a pork roast? Will it have the same affect?

Also some simple instructions for cooking a pork roast in the oven would be helpful, thanks.

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  1. The cut of pork and size of the cut you choose will determine how you cook it, so without knowing what you have/will buy, I cannot answer your question about simple instructions for cooking a pork roast in the oven. I will tell you that I salt pork just the same as I salt beef or other large cuts of meat before roasting.

    Could you give us a bit more information, please.

    1. Most folks here do seem to brine pork before cooking, even chops, not just roast. Definitely do it.

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        I wouldn't hesitate, in fact I'd be far more likely to salt a pork roast (or chicken) than beef. but Sherri is right too, depends on the cut and the fat content.

      2. I think its called a cross rib roast. Its a cheap one from the grocery store.

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          Odie77, I only know of a beef cross rib roast, not pork, so I won't be of any help to you on this question. However, if it follows the same meat pattern, this is a cut benefitting from a long, slow braise.

          1. overnight is better than an hour.

            1. If the skin is on you need to score it at abot half inch intervals, just cutting through the skin and some of the fat and not going through to the flesh if possible (not always easy). salt the scored skin liberally, leave for about 10 minutes to draw out some moisture, and then wipe with kitchen paper. Repeat a couple of times. This partial drying out of the skin produces great crackling and leaves enough salt on the roast for a good flavour. Cook at 400 for 30 minutes per pound, plus 30 minutes, but not in a deep dish as the skin will not crisp. A shallow roasting pan is best. No oil or basting is required.