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Jul 25, 2002 07:43 PM

Austin - Carolina BBQ?

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I know this is going to come as a complete heresy to all the Texan chowhounds, but I'll go ahead anyway. I love real Texas bbq, especially a good fall-of-the-bone rib, but I'm an east-coast transplant. I grew up in North Carolina, and recently I've been having a major craving for Carolina BBQ -- pulled pork in a yummytangy vinegar/mustard sauce, slathered on a bun, salivatedrool.

I know of no place in Austin to get this delicacy from my childhood. I've been seriously thinking about sending my parents $100 and asking them to buy as much BBQ as they can get with it from Hersey's, freeze it, and ship it to me.

Can someone save me the effort and direct me to any place in or around Austin that serves Carolina BBQ? Please?

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  1. There's a place on Brodie @ Wm.Cannon called Earl's Barbeque, that is supposed to have it, but I have not been yet.

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      Jim Wilkerson

      Actually, I think Mr. Earl's on Brodie is Kansas City style. I don't know of any Carolina style BBQ place in the Austin area.

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        I knew it wasn't 'regular' bbq, but I'll try it and post soon anyway.

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          Is Earl's still around? I had a number (from the Chronicle I think), but when I called it I didn't get an answer.

    2. The only Carolina 'cue choice I know about in Texas is Lyndon's in Houston. The cue isn't the smokiest (they probably use gas), but the pulled pork is quite tender and still tasty and as a side you can get a not-too-wet coleslaw to top it off. The sauce (served warm) is pretty good on it, too, though it's not vinegar based like you are probably used to. It's on 290 in a strip mall between 610 and Beltway 8 close to Bingle/Voss.

      1. I used to work out on 620... and there was a place near Iguana Grill that served pulled pork sandwiches...

        I did a little looking up...and I think it's this place:

        Buster's Bar B Cue, 303 N. RR 620, 266-3926: We can't say enough good things about the wonderful dry-rubbed pork chops, smoked stuffed pork loin, and Carolina-style pulled pork sandwiches. Go for the pork!

        Hope you find it...(Last time I was out there was 8 months call and see if they still exist)

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          Just got off the telephone with those nice folks at Buster's.

          Indeed they do have pulled pork sandwiches.

          Anyone interested in how close they come to "Carolina-style" should go check it out.

        2. I feel your pain... I grew up in Raleigh, and as many great eateries as there are here, there are some definite holes in the pallette, and NC BBQ is one of them.

          I take it you're referring to "eastern" NC BBQ and not the "Lexington" (or western NC) style.

          I actually had my dad ship me a whole bunch of eastern NC BBQ for my birthday when I finally couldn't live without it. It's a great idea, actually; get a bunch shipped, then have a couple of your closest buds over and serve them up some of Mayberry's finest. Show them a taste treat so fine it'd make Barney Fife's bullet pop in his pocket!

          As for me, I'm gonna have to check out that plage on 620 near Iguana Grill if it still exists.

          PS isn't it funny what you miss?