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Four dinners in Toronto?

We'll be in Toronto for 4 nights and are looking for 4 terrific dinners. We like fine dining with great food and pleasant (not too noisy) ambiance. Since we have excellent Asian food at home we'd prefer other cuisines...regional, seafood, Italian, French, etc. We'll be staying at the Park Hyatt in Yorkville, so nearby is a plus. Where would you go for 4 great dinners?

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  1. Splendido
    Momofuku Shoto (can be a bit noisy, though)
    Jacobs & Co. (urban steakhouse)
    And either Auberge du Pommier or Scaramouche to round it off.

    Those are all very nice restaurants, in different parts of the city, so you'll get good exposure to a few different areas. Scaramouche also has a great view of the city (although the decor is fairly dated).

    Splendido, Auberge and Scaramouche are all french, so you might also consider Tutti Matti for some high-end(ish) italian fare.

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      Good choices, but I think I'd change the fourth and go with Chiado - high end, Portuguese seafood. I think it is a unique Toronto offering.

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        Not to yank your chain, justxpete, but I don't consider Splendido or Scaramouche to be French.


        If I had to choose a label, I'd choose Toronto School Contemporary Continental. :-)

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          Yeah, you're probably right, but I think the overlying focal point of each is french cooking, although, I haven't been to Scaramouche in quite a while.

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          I echo:

          Splendido - one of the finest in Toronto, and it's near you. Go with the tasting + wine pairing

          Chiado - Amazing Portugese. 10 min cab ride from you. Get the seafood platter and trust your waiter's recommendations.

          Would add:

          Woodlot - beautiful, understated food. Phenomenal breads - yet they they manage to keep everything light, easy, and clean.

          Black Hoof - bring your inner carnivorous selves here. No reservation. Wait is not terrible if you go on weekdays, before 6. Head over to the wine bars across street when you are waiting. Get the bone marrow and whatever foie they have on the menu.

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            Love the Hoof but it absolutely loses out for this request on ambiance, cramped and creaky, not overly loud but boisterous and you're more or less sitting in the kitchen.

        3. Edulis. It is not close to Yorkville, but accessible by transit and worth the trouble.

          1. Nothing wrong with the other suggestions so far but some alternatives

            Edulis - Spanish country food (sort of)

            1. If your budget is not too tight, and I note you're staying at a pricey hotel, I strongly recomend George Restaurant. The food is fabulous, they only have one sitting so you're never rushed, and it is quiet and elegant.


              1. Enoteca Sociale, George, Canoe, Joso's (Croatian-style seafood,and the best quality and best tasting seafood I've found in Toronto), Chiado (Portuguese seafood, also high quality, but I give the edge to Joso's).
                For French, Le Paradis in the Annex and Pastis on Yonge are relatively close to the Hyatt.

                John & Sons on Yonge south of St. Clair is good option for Canadian-style seafood.

                I haven't been yet, but Actinolite is on my wishlist.

                1. Reserve the round table next to the bay window at ' The Grove '!!!

                  Creative, modernistic, delicious and excellent value for money "British' Cuisine. Restaurant voted 'Best New Restaurant in Canada' by Maclean Magazine last year!

                  Check out the 7 course tasting menu I had below:

                  +1 for Edulis as well! If your party has more than 4 people, pre-order their 'WHOLE roasted Foie Gras'!!!

                  +1 for Canoe. Great 'Candian' cuisine and try booking a 'window' table!!!! Lovely view!!

                  By all means try out our 'French/Continental' restaurants like Splendido or George. However, after reading your profile, I hope you won't compare the meals with the likes of Le Bernadin or EMP??!!!

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                    Thanks, but I've just revised my profile to delete EMP and include a wonderful informal bistro near home (Marché Moderne), and Le Cirque in Las Vegas which is really tough to beat for formal French cuisine. Appreciate your recommendations

                  2. I'm echoing some of the above, but here goes anyway:

                    Splendido - great service, great food. Great all around.
                    Chiado - upscale Portuguese. The 'modern' dishes are far superior to the 'traditional' dishes and the fish is among the best in Toronto.
                    Actinolite - 'local' cuisine with an upscale Bistro feel. Clientele is 'more mature' early evening and becomes 'more colourful and louder' later in the evening.
                    Momofuku Shoto - similar to Ko in concept, but definitely adapted to local influences. Noisy because of adjacent restaurant, so quieter mid-week.

                    The above gives a wide range of cuisines.And all accept reservations!

                    My last 2 meals at Auberge du Pommier have rivalled Splendido, so it's a viable alternative.

                    Edulis has received raves - but service is erratic (at best) and I have an aversion to 'family-style' dining where the plate is put on the table and you help yourself. This happened BOTH times I was at Edulis.

                    Sadly, most of the above are not close to Yorkville (Splendido is a brisk 20 minute walk) - but that's a tourist area. For an excellent lunch/brunch in the area check out the Holt Cafe in the Holt Renfrew Store on Bloor (upstairs, not the basement 'cafeteria-style' outlet, although that's fine too) - open regular store hours.

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                      Isn't Momofuku Asian? We really don't want Asian.

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                        Name is Asian, food is Fusion and both Staff and Patrons are United Nations!!!
                        Latest feedback from a foodie friend who just ate there was a thumbs down disappointment!! For a $150 tasting menu, most 'exotic' ingredient offered was 'quail'!! ( 6 for $7.99 at T & T supermarket!! ). No truffles, Foie Gras or more expensive seafood!!!! With drinks, tax and tips, total came to $300+ per person. That's Michelin 3* pricing in NYC!!!!

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                          Technically yes - the spicing is Asian - but the food is hardly recognisable as such in Shoto. The other restaurants are much more 'Asian'.
                          I haven't experienced this style anywhere else except in NYC where there are a few other places using Asian spicing on what might otherwise be termed modern French (or Californian) i.e. seasonal ingredients barely cooked (or sous-vided).

                          Edited to add: people who regularly eat Asian will be apoplectic at what's served here.

                      2. +1 for The Grove, Splendido, George and Chiado and in that order.

                        If you want steakhouse +1 for Jacobs & Co.

                        You won't be disappointed with any of these choice IMO.