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May 1, 2013 12:39 PM

Arkansas & Texas BBQ

I have a friend in town from Brazil and he will be traveling from Ohio to Dallas and is eager to eat some authentic BBQ during his road trip. His final destination is Dallas. Looks like his route will take him from Memphis, TN through Little Rock, AK and then on to Dallas along I-30W and I-35E.

Anyone have any kick ass BBQ suggestions?

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  1. DFW has never been known for great bbq but I understand that has been changing. You should post on the Dallas board, where I'm sure you'll get lots of help.

    We've never had many posters from North Texas other than DFW on this board back before Dallas got a separate board.. I'm in Houston and I know nothing about the area.

    You should also check out this blog:

    This guy is very good and amazingly comprehensive. He has just been named the first bbq editor of Texas Monthly magazine. As you can see, you can search his reviews by region, and there's a whole lot of them for North Texas. He even has a few reviews outside of Texas which may be of interest to your friend.

    There are probably some other blogs listed on his sidebar that could be of help. In particular, Zen BBQ, which is by Robb Walsh, who has written the definitive book on Texas bbq and who also is doing reviews all over the country.

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      1. Pecan Lodge and Lockhart Smokehouse are the best in town once he get to Dallas.

        Here is part of my meal from Lockhart Smokehouse a few weeks back. They have excellent food.