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May 1, 2013 12:38 PM

Staying at Hotel belleclaire.

We are staying at Hotel Belleclaire. We love food, especially seafood. Looking for restaurants with a comfortable atmosphere. Any restaurants we must try?

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  1. Well, a must try for seafood is Le Bernadin... it is also a must bring a credit card with a high credit line. I live near the Belle Claire and my top rec for seafood nearby is Ocean Grill.

    In the area try the upstairs cafe at Fairway for breakfast, Shake Shack at 77th and Columbus for lunch (or even better on a nice day Pier i Cafe on the Hudson River at 70th for a pretty good burger and an awesome view) brunch at Sarabeth's....

    1. BTW, most people posting on this board live in NYC and don't necessarily know where all of the hotels are located.

      I assume from dyrewolf's post that the hotel is on the UWS... Google Maps says 77th and Broadway.

      You're quite close to Mermaid Inn's Upper West Side location as well as Luke's Lobster's UWS location. Ditch Plains has a location up there as well.

      See also:

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          Yours is a common mistake on the Manhattan boards, Alica; as a rule we know places by where they are, not what they're named (unless they're restaurants -and even then ...)

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          As always, Kathryn is right... even about my own hood... Mermaid UWS is a good choice for seafood... Ditch Plains (even though it is named after a surf spot in Montauk) is better for comfort/high end junk food than seafood... but I do love me some Ditch Dogs

        3. Lived on 73rd and Broadway (a few blocks down)... Love that neighborhood! Walk down to 69th street and you'll find Dan Tampura House - great noodle dishes, combo meals and plum wine - it's my favorite and saw Diane Keaton there a few times so it can't be too bad, right :) You can go to Momoya on 80th and Amsterdam - also very good.

          1. Not a seafood place, but if you also like salumi, try Salumeria Rosi, which is good enough for a special trip to the Upper West Side from downtown and has a unique style of cuisine.

            1. Thank you for your great advice! We ate at Fish Tag, loved it! They have some very nice cheese! We went to the Mermaid Inn and loved it! We went to Five Napkin Burger and thought it was good. After 2 napkins I opted for a knife and fork. Loved staying in that area! Very nice to walk around and explore! Will be back again!