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May 1, 2013 12:35 PM

Ohio to TX - looking for BBQ

I have a friend in town from Brazil and he will be driving from Ohio to TX (for a conference) and is eager to eat authentic bbq throughout his road trip. Looks like the route goes right through Louisville (or just a quick trip east to Lexington) in KY and then on through Nashville, Jackson, and Memphis.

Any kick ass KY & TN bbq suggestions along that route?

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  1. If he can go through Owensboro, the mutton bbq is great . I would check out Moonlite BBQ. I think he will find better BBQ in TN, especially in Memphis. Also depending on his route, he has the opportunity to get good bbq in the Kansas City area and then head on down south to TX.

    1. Time for you to try a different website.

      Site owner Michael Stern and his wonderful wif have done a wonderful job of compiling (along w/roadfood members) a somewhat comprehensive list of local joints (many of them BBQ ) thorughout the country.

      If your friend knows his route (and the corresponding freeways he will be taking and towns they go through) he can search by BBQ restaurant genre' or by state on that site.

      Click on the "Restaurants" tab at the top of the home page and you can go by state or type.

      The forum is very informative and one of the most helpful out there. (The problwem with BBQ joints is many come and go depending upon the region but usually the best remain.


      I;ve been a member since around 2007 and have met many of the members in person.

      Scarey, I know.


      BTW, I currently live in SW Ohio.

      1. About halfway between Louisville and Bowling Green Ky, is a little town called Munfordville. There is a place just off the interstate called; Big Bubba Buck's Belly Bustin' BBQ Bliss. A ramshackle hut with good to very good Q.
        They also have some excellent desserts.

        Also, a little south of Nashville in Nolensville, Tn is Martin's BBQ. Featured on Triple D it's got a huge reputation as the best in the area. It is very good.