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What to Order at Sripraphai (Queens)?

Headed there tomorrow for dinner with some friends, and am wondering what dishes people recommend? There will be four of us so we'll have a chance to order quite a few dishes - what are the menu dos and don'ts? We eat pretty much everything...

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  1. My favorites:

    Shredded mango and crispy catfish salad

    Roasted duck salad

    Softshell crab with mango salad

    Chicken curry puff

    Tom kha kai

    Chicken penang

    Sauteed pork leg with basil

    Crispy pork belly

    Fried whole snapper with lemongrass

    1. I like
      Naked Shrimp (if you like raw shrimp)
      Crispy Watercress Salad
      Chive Dumplings
      Fried Snapper w Lemongrass Sauce
      Chinese Broccoli w Crispy Pork

      For some reason, I don't like their noodle dishes so I stopped ordering them.

      1. I love the crispy watercress salad, the kao soi and the pickled spare ribs. Ask for everything spicy.

        1. I always order Chinese Broccoli w Crispy Pork.

          1. Here's my standard list:

            A6 Crispy watercress salad
            A7 Crispy catfish salad
            A13 Larb (pork) with mint, chili, lime
            A15 Fried soft shell crab with green mango sauce
            N5 Drunken noodles
            N9 Kao soy
            C10 Sauteed chinese broccoli w crispy pork
            C16 Sauteed crispy pork
            C19 Sauteed pork with string beans
            C21 Penang curry
            C22 Massaman curry
            C25 Green curry with duck
            Coconut rice

            1. Thanks everyone for the stellar tips. My favorites were the roasted duck salad and the penang curry. Will definitely be headed back there soon for more tasting...

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                Try the shrimp paste rice and the sator beans with shrimp next time.

                1. re: swannee

                  Sator bean! aka stink bean. I tried to order at the Queens location and they said it was take out only, and I never got to try it. BTW, the penang curry is a favorite but I get it with pork.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    I get stinking beans every time I eat there, but they always try to talk me out of it unless they recognize me. Just insist.

              2. The raw shrimp is fantastic.

                Anything with barbecue pork.

                All the laabs.

                1. I think I've been to SPP more than any other restaurant in the city.

                  My favs are:
                  -Sauteed pork leg with basil (seemingly made different every time though)
                  -Penang curry with beef (get it with beef the way it was meant to be)
                  -Softshell crab with mango salad (Was $9 only couple years ago. Now it's $17)
                  -Any of the steamed or fried whole fish preps (not the boring filets)
                  -Seafood with green peppercorn dish (interesting herbal flavor)
                  -Green curry (roasted duck green curry is very good)
                  -Raw shrimp (Thai ceviche!)
                  -BBQ beef/ pork tenders (these are OK, not great)
                  -Tom Yum (don't really order it anymore but it's good)

                  In general, I think their fried stuff is good. They use clean oil or change it frequently perhaps. And the seafood dishes are pretty solid, though I wish they had more.

                  My thoughts on some of their other stuff:
                  -I don't think they do stir-fry noodle dishes well. The noodles themselves are almost always poorly prepared. Noodle soups I haven't explored so much.
                  -The som tam are prepared seemingly as an afterthought here. Not one of their strengths. Better at Zabb Elee.
                  -I find their larb dishes a bit too farangafied. Prefer northern style with a bit of offal, etc. If you want sort of straight clean ground meat larb, then I guess this is the place for you. Otherwise, another one better at Zabb.
                  -The sator beans are either frozen or made from dried beans. I don't know if they can get fresh sator beans here. They are not really THAT stinky or hard to eat. Using fresh beans makes a serious difference. Much better. So I stopped ordering this dish here.

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                    I love drunken noodle and I find their drunken noodle very hit or miss with 90% miss. Their pad Thai I discourage people from ordering, it's never been better than ok. Their khao soi is quite good, the broth makes it.

                    1. re: Pookipichu

                      Their noodle dishes, like most Thai restaurants in the US I find, lack "wok hay".

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                        Sripraphai's noodle soups work for exactly the reason you stated, no "wok hay" needed, just good spicing. :)

                        Just curious Silverjay, have you tried the noodles at Hakkasan?

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                          My favorite noodle dish at Sripraphai is the Gai Kua noodles (with squid and chicken). I've tried it at several other Thai places in Queens, and the reason I go back to Sriprapahai is that is has the best "wok hay". YMMV.

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                        nice list, a ton of good suggestions. But............
                        I have never thought much of the beef served at Srip and can't think of one dish they make with beef that is worth ordering. It may not be authentic,but to me the Penang Curry at Srip is better with pork. I think the last time the delicious Fried Soft Shell Crab has been under ten dollars was when Srip was one narrow storefront. I remember that for a long time it was the it was just about the only dish on the menu over ten dollars. I am one of the Drunken Noodle fans and though it may lack "Wok Hay" I still love the dish and when eating with a group I need a noodle dish to round out the meal. As for sator bean, my experience with durian was enough to scare me away from anything to stinky to be served indoors.

                        1. re: stuartlafonda

                          The crab was $9 when we first started going in 2005, before they opened the new wing on the right. It got bumped up to $11 a few years later. This is my wife's favorite dish. We used to sometimes double up on it...Never had any negative issues with the beef in the Penang Curry or the BBQ beef app. It's less chewy and gamey than you would get in Thailand and that's not necessarily a bad thing...Fresh sator beans cooked into a dish are not that stinky unless you really hate asparagus (smells similar) and they have a nice plump texture and mouthfeel. Shrimp with sator beans is a Phuket style southern dish.

                          1. re: stuartlafonda

                            I think you're right that pork Penang Curry isn't traditional, because, to my knowledge, Penang aka Panang Curry is a Malay Muslim-style curry from Southern Thailand, as is Massaman (Muslim) Curry. Someone should correct me if I'm wrong, but that's my understanding.

                          2. re: Silverjay

                            "Sauteed pork leg with basil (seemingly made different every time though)"

                            Oh yes, I strongly second this.

                            Also, the Southern Style Curry is one of the hottest things I've ever eaten in a restaurant, if you're into that sort of thing. You'll have to ensure they don't dumb it down though. YMMV depending on your waiter.

                            1. re: guanubian

                              The southern style curry is also full of wonderful flavors. The Krua Gling Neua is kind of hot with a leaner taste profile.It can be a bit salty so be warned.