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May 1, 2013 12:11 PM

What to Order at Sripraphai (Queens)?

Headed there tomorrow for dinner with some friends, and am wondering what dishes people recommend? There will be four of us so we'll have a chance to order quite a few dishes - what are the menu dos and don'ts? We eat pretty much everything...

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  1. My favorites:

    Shredded mango and crispy catfish salad

    Roasted duck salad

    Softshell crab with mango salad

    Chicken curry puff

    Tom kha kai

    Chicken penang

    Sauteed pork leg with basil

    Crispy pork belly

    Fried whole snapper with lemongrass

    1. I like
      Naked Shrimp (if you like raw shrimp)
      Crispy Watercress Salad
      Chive Dumplings
      Fried Snapper w Lemongrass Sauce
      Chinese Broccoli w Crispy Pork

      For some reason, I don't like their noodle dishes so I stopped ordering them.

      1. I love the crispy watercress salad, the kao soi and the pickled spare ribs. Ask for everything spicy.

        1. I always order Chinese Broccoli w Crispy Pork.

          1. Here's my standard list:

            A6 Crispy watercress salad
            A7 Crispy catfish salad
            A13 Larb (pork) with mint, chili, lime
            A15 Fried soft shell crab with green mango sauce
            N5 Drunken noodles
            N9 Kao soy
            C10 Sauteed chinese broccoli w crispy pork
            C16 Sauteed crispy pork
            C19 Sauteed pork with string beans
            C21 Penang curry
            C22 Massaman curry
            C25 Green curry with duck
            Coconut rice