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May 1, 2013 12:07 PM

What's one great place for lunch in St. Pete near the museums?

One day, one lunch -- something noteworthy, maybe colorful, historic, farm-to-table, trendy -- worth seeking out. (If there's anything else I must see or do while in the area, don't be shy about sharing that too.)


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  1. Two rec's Rona: directly across Beach Drive - Parkshore Grill is excellent and it's still cool enough here to sit outside and enjoy the park/water view; Z Grille - couple blocks south and very worth the trip - Zach is a former JB nominated chef and the atmosphere is fun, food is phenomenal. Best thing to do nearby - come visit our beaches!

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      Thanks so much, Cflynn. This is research for a feature about a day trip to St. Pete. The readers live in the Daytona area so I want to find them interesting places other than glorious beaches.