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May 1, 2013 11:46 AM

Want or need

Are your purchases equally divided between what you need and impulse buying?

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  1. These days, it's probably 95% needs, and 5% wants. This last week I bought a frozen pizza on a whim because I felt like having it for lunch. But that's the extent of my wants purchases, at least when it comes to grocery stores.

    If only I could be as disciplined with clothes and shoes *sigh*.

    1. I can honestly say my impulse buying is nil to non-existent. Make as list, stick with it. Aggravates some people.

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      1. re: njmarshall55

        I can't see why that would aggravate anyone. If anything, I think that impulse buying would be most annoying.

      2. I'm really good on making my list and planning my meals from what's on sale, and sticking to it. I will say that I might spend 5% of my monthly purchases on stuff I really shouldn't do... like the bag of "Magic Chilli" snack mix at Great Wall the other day. ;))

        1. Anyone keep a mad money stash? My impulse buys fall in that category.

          I don't think of this as entirely impulse buying since I squirrel away cash specifically for some (new to me) food item bound to cross my path. When I come across something that sounds really interesting my "need radar" goes up and it's highly likely I'm buying.

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          1. re: HillJ

            I will agree--I mandate that if I am going to buy something I don't need then I have to use cash for that item. It is my hope that by seeing the cash 'go,' then I commit to really wanting it. Usually I am more likely to make an impulse buy on Friday night when I feel like "I am so glad I SURVIVED another week." Or if my "clients" really, really, really drove me nuts--but I have gotten better at not letting work-agitation affect my choices.

            Also, I agree with HillJ: often if something is "new" or a limited flavor.. I want to try it. I just love trying new foods, products, flavors, etc.

            1. re: GraceW

              Yes, I think of these purchases as a pick-me-up. Something special like a black licorice I've never tried or a specialty shop known for xyz...for me new food products are like a new CD or a new pair of earrings ie: I have plenty...but these new ones...they are sparkling in my direction....I must.go.inspect...and I often do.

          2. I would go higher and say 99%

            0-1 impulse buys per trip to the store. I like a list. If I have no list, the whole thing feels like one big impulse but. Terribly stressful.