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May 1, 2013 11:42 AM

Vegan recommendations?

I'm sure there are multiple threads on this topic, but I can't find any by searching.

My very strict vegan sibling is coming to town. Her favorite place to eat was French Meadow, but last year she was disappointed in the taste of her favorite dish there.

I'd like to take her somewhere else this year. It is okay if the place serves meat as long as they don't bring her a place of veggies with sliced steak on it (yes, that has happened).

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  1. My vegan sister has liked Ecopolitan, the Birchwood, and Birdhouse in the past (although there were limited choices for her at Birdhouse). We've also had good luck at Spoonriver for fancier meals.

      1. It's probably too late for you and your sibling (sorry), but in case others have the same question, I have a great recommendation: Midori's Floating World Cafe has a lot of great vegan and vegetarian items on their menu.

        Tonight, I had the vegetable gyoza appetizer and Sushi Garden dinner. It was incredibly FAB-YOU-LOUS! As far as this non-vegan could tell, my meal was vegan (but ask to confirm). It was definitely vegetarian.

        My veggie gyoza contained unidentifiable tasty veggies plus edamame in a pea-green wrapper. Delicious, especially with the soy-hot oil dipping sauce.

        The Sushi Garden dinner included a Veggie Roll and a Garden Roll - one roll had tomato, yellow pepper, lettuce, and a spicy tomato sauce, and the other roll had avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and green beans. It also included five pieces of "chef's choice" nigiri sushi; tonight, these five pieces featured a tomato slice (perfectly ripe in our May "winter" - how do they do it?), an avocado slice, two asparagus spears, yellow pickled daikon(?), and a dark purple/brown slice of lightly pickled something that was my absolute favorite.

        Dinners also come with salad and soup (miso or shiitake broth). Check before ordering the soup - the miso version might contain fish flakes; the mushroom broth might be vegan (or not). Me, I skipped the soup and had two salads because I love that gingery dressing.

        As I said, I'm not vegan - or even vegetarian - but the Garden Sushi dinner is now my favorite entree at Midori's. And that's saying a lot, because I love their grilled fish. But I will be back for more of the Sushi Garden - I can only imagine how incredible it will be in the middle of summer.

        1. Cafe Latte in St. Paul always has at least five or six Vegan choices every day...and some of their breads are Vegan as well.

          If your sibling likes a walk on the wild side, Triple Rock Social Club has the most surprising selection of Vegan food..considering it is a Heavy Metal club.

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            It's punk rock by heritage, but one shouldn't feel afraid to go in there and feel out of place. Also, can't believe I forgot to suggest this.

            Pizza Luce is worth investigating as well.

            Birdhouse doesn't belong in the conversation. 12 menu items, one of which might be vegan, doesn't equate to vegan friendly to me.