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May 1, 2013 11:24 AM

Best Restaurants in Beaver Creek/Vail/Avon for 4 Nights

My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Beaver Creek in June for 4 nights, and I am trying to decide on restaurants to make reservations. We want a nice atmosphere, good food and good service. So many I am considering have such mixed reviews. I definitely want to to go Splendido. I am also considering:

Beaver Creek Chophouse
Beano's Cabin
La Tour
Grouse Mountain
Terra Bistro
Sweet Basil

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. OK, I'll try a first pass and hope DDavis jumps in:
    Toscanini - Now run by Richard Sandoval of Mayan which he currently installing at the Westin
    Beaver Creek Chophouse - OK, I'd do the Golden Eagle instead
    Spago - Library quiet
    Beano's Cabin - Venue is better than food
    Mirabelle - I like a lot for couples dining
    La Tour - Very Good
    Grouse Mountain - Almost as good as Spendido
    Terra Bistro - Sit at bar and do wine & apps
    Sweet Basil - Still best in Valley
    Elway's - Why?
    Juniper - A good upscale and all locals
    Zino's - Like everything but the wine list
    Dish - Locals fine dining
    Food by Marc - Seasons Building (used to be called the Dark Star when Vail Resorts was HQ'ed there) in Avon.

    If you are here early in June, things will be slow. Except in Vail during the GoPro (use to be Teva) games.

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    1. re: BlueOx

      Thank you!

      I've already decided to skip Beaver Creek Chophouse, Beano's Cabin and Elway's. I live in Texas, and we have lots of good steakhouses.

      The concierge recommended Sweet Basil too and said he thought Ti Amo had the best Italian in Vail Valley.

      1. re: delainefoss

        Blue Ox is, as always, spot on. You can't get better food advice in the Eagle Valley than what you will get from him.

        If I had four dinners, I would choose Splendido and Grouse Mountain in Beaver Creek and Larkspur and Sweet Basil in Vail.

        More affordable, but still excellent food, Ti Amo, Golden Eagle Inn and Dish.

        I had not heard about Sandoval's running Toscanini. Still called that and still Italian? What happened to Cima at the Westin? How is Mayan?

        Food by Marc is a new one for me. What's the skinny?

        1. re: ddavis

          Thank you! I'm definitely doing Splendido and Grouse Mountain.

          I'm considering Sweet Basil, Ti Amo (because it's Italian) and Mirabelle.

          I'd also like to try Swiss Chalet at Sonnenalp because of the fondue options, and the concierge recommended it.

          Any thoughts on these last 4?

          1. re: delainefoss

            Love Grouse Mountain..
            Ritz is fab and make sure you have wine and apps at Anderson's cabin..

            1. re: delainefoss

              Looks like you have the “fine dining” down. Start thinking about “casual dining” which is where the I think the discoveries in the Valley are: Mountain Standard, Golden Eagle, Café Milano and Marc’s (also a caterer who does great food (, plus Kevin Furtado works with him). Kevin is the best wine guy in the Valley, he built the wine cellar at Larkspur.

              If you are going to do any outdoor stuff, get a sandwich from Avon Bakery, one sand feeds two. As for the Sonnenalp, their “Bully Ranch” is where I go for a good al fresco lunch.

              Ti Amo is a very friendly place in a strip shopping area, I like Zino’s better for Italian. But this Valley does new American well, ethnic not so well.

              DD, Maya at the Westin is going to open in June. Their ads say “New York, Dubai & Beaver Creek” (please). Toscanini was supposed to be converted to a Mexico City style place, but hasn't happen, so maybe that deal is off.

              1. re: BlueOx

                ' Their ads say “New York, Dubai & Beaver Creek” (please). '
                Ha ha ha

                1. re: BlueOx

                  Too bad it's not "New York, Dubai & Red Cliff""

                  1. re: ddavis

                    Why drag down Red can still get great fish tacos there..

                    1. re: BlueOx

                      You're right. I apologize to Red Cliff. I love Mango's fish tacos. I have also started ordering one of the jerk chicken with mango salsa tacos when I'm there. Delicious.

                  2. re: BlueOx

                    Thanks! I'll check out the restaurants you mentioned.

                    1. re: BlueOx

                      These look good, especially Zino. You think the food is better than Ti Amo? I think the atmosphere would be nicer, especially on the patio by the river.

                      1. re: delainefoss

                        No doubt the setting at Zino is better than Ti Amo. I love the food at Ti Amo and have not been to Zino in its most recent incarnation. I would defer to BlueOx on this.

            2. de-lurking to say....

              We were up in Avon for the weekend. Based on the recommendations in this thread we chose Golden Eagle for Saturday night dinner and Sweet Basil for a long, late Sunday lunch. Both were excellent.

              I loved Golden Eagle and I would eat there again in a heart beat. The duck liver brulee is out of this world and I pretty much licked my buffalo tri-tip plate clean. The tri-tip came with grilled zucchini and corn flapjacks and was topped with a ramp pesto. Holy cow! Yum!!! My gin/elder flower/cucumber/mint cocktail was also outstanding. I feel like I'm never surprised by cocktails anymore and most are too sweet or too bright, but this one had a beautiful balance of juniper and cool flavors and it had the confidence to let the alcohol stand on its own (as opposed to trying to mask or hide it).

              Sweet Basil must have the nicest lunch spot in Vail. We sat on the back patio looking over the river, watching the children play. The food was beautifully plated. The service was excellent. I loved the watermelon gazpacho and the steak tar tar. The trout was a little too mild for my taste, but I like food with strong flavors. The molten chocolate tart was excellent but the popcorn ice cream that was served with it was to die for. If you have a chance to try it, don't pass it up.

              Thanks for the good advice. I look forward to getting back up to the Vail Valley and trying more great restaurants.

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              1. re: cbrand

                Does Sweet Basil now have an outdoor patio in the back? Tell us about it, please.

                1. re: ddavis

                  DD, Sweet Basil now has an open deck overlooking Gore Creek. It was built on top of Mountain Standard. Had lunch at SB on Monday, it was excellent. The wine list is better than anything I've seen in the Valley.

                  1. re: BlueOx

                    Thanks. We had heard something about it. Glad to hear it's there. What better place for lunch than overlooking the creek with the little kids and dogs.

              2. Did delainefoss make it to Eagle County in June? Reports would be appreciated!